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Marine Plaza Restaurant- Dimsums Making workshop

The event at Marine plaza Restaurant

What a grand way to welcome the month of August. Yes, It was an exclusive invite for 10 fellow bloggers and myself to attend a dim sum workshop at a Marine Plaza Restaurant hosted by Rutavi Mehta along with management of Hotel Marine Plaza. It was organized to unveil the”Dimsum Experience” at Bay View overlooking ” lovely Monsoon time at Marine Drive”. This was to be followed by a scrumptious sit-down meal at Oriental Blossom.

The Event

I was prompt to arrive at 12-15 PM and was graciously greeted by Ms. Rutavi and Asst Manager( PR) Ms. Kaveeta Rai. Situated at the famous Marine Drive, Hotel Marine Plaza is a Premium Luxury Hotel that adheres to international standards of hospitality. The hotel ambiance was warm, classy and opulent.

Marine Plaza
The quaint and cozy Hotel Lobby


Marine Plaza Restaurant
The Marine drive view from Bay View Restaurant
Chef Huang Tesing- The smiling Chef

This ” Best Dimsum Experience” was going to be headed by none other than Chef Huang Tesing and his Sous chef. Chef Huang Tesing doesn’t need much introduction as he is one of Mumbai’s most celebrated Cooperative Executive Chinese Chefs.  He is so well known for his knowledge and skill of the vastness of Chinese food. He has been the very heart of the success of Oriental Blossom as a Landmark Chinese Restaurant.

new chef
Chef Huang – Photo credit Tinkesh A

At first Chef, Huang introduced us to the world of dumplings and dim sum. Its a style of Cantonese cuisine prepared as small bite-sized or individual portions of food traditionally cooked and served in small steamer baskets. It sounded so easy when Chef Huang explained it with passion and so systematically. The inside was called the filling and outside was the packing. Chef patiently answered all our queries on ingredients of filling and styles of packing.

Marine Plaza Restaurant
Step by step animated demo by Chef

We were to make four types of dimsums that day. We patiently waited until the dimsums were steamed and ready to savour. Tasting is a bloggers birthright and those hot delicacies were a treat. They were so yummy and perfectly cooked.

Marine Plaza Restaurant
The veg and non-veg dimsums in their variety of packing styles.
Marine Plaza Restaurant
Steamed to perfection.
Best Dimsums making Contest

I had certainly gained a lot of knowledge but the story doesn’t end there. Ms Rutavi Mehta announces three teams of bloggers who were going to make some dimsums to impress Chef Huang. He would choose the winning team. We got into action filling those dimsums and pinching and packing them into tight little bundles. It was fun with my fellow team members Riya and Mohit.

The dimsums we made before they hit the steamer
These beautiful dimsums are ready to be gobbled
Our rocking  team – Photo Credit Tinkesh A
The table is set.
The Grand Luncheon  at The Oriental Blossom

The restaurant wears a royal expensive look, I was very impressed on just the first look. When I inspected further, it was fascinating to see the touch of detail seating, round tables, private cubicles and small tables suiting every group of diners. It was divided with huge vases and Chinese style dividers. I was so ready to dine here 🙂

Special Menu at MarINE PLAZA Restaurant

There was a special Menu with the best dishes curated for us bloggers. Some dishes being most liked and signature dishes of Oriental Blossom. It felt like Thanksgiving dinner on that round table with happy like-minded positive friends from whom I learn t so much that day. Why should I scrutinize the food and find mistakes when each dish was prepared with so much love and served with pride. So sit back and go through a photo review of that fantastic meal I had.

The jade rolls are their signature dish!
Crispy Aubergine in corriander & Chilli sauce
Eight Treasure vegetable nest
Chicken wrapped prawns in Schezwan sauce.
Pork spare ribs in Barbecue sauce


Main Course

The dishes kept arriving at the center turntable one by one. The Vegetable Chimney soup was clear, light and refreshing for my palate. My favourite main course dish would be prawns in oyster sauce, I just love prawns in every style its cooked. I fancied the vegetarian dishes that day too, be it stir-fried water chestnuts or Wok grilled stuffed aubergine in Cantonese sauces. In fact both the aubergine dishes were a super hit that day.

Vegetable Chimney Soup
Roast Cantonese Chicken
The yummy layout
Sauteed Prawns in Chilli oyster sauce 



The crispy date pancake was more like a homemade samosa with a date filling. It was served with vanilla ice cream. I quite like the crispy crust with vanilla ice cream but not the date filling.

Crispy Date pan cake

I must say that day everyone so engrossed in conversation and good food that we actually forgot to click a Selfie, however, our official photographer got an excellent group picture. Thank you, Vignesh.


Oriental Blossom has immense potential to leave a mark as an exclusive fine dining restaurant in the city with moderately expensive food and drinks, lovely ambiance and good service to match. Adiós!
Contact – 29, Marine Drive, Churchgate, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400020
Phone:022 2285 1212
Website- http://www.hotelmarineplaza.c

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