Rooftop restaurant in Mumbai
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Delightful Rooftop Restaurant in Mumbai -The Skky

Rooftop Restaurant in Mumbai

Don’t we all have those special food cravings? I crave for chocolates, ice creams, Shawarma from time to time. The best however,would be enjoying a relaxing dinner at a posh  Rooftop restaurant in Mumbai. After feasting at Skky, I am definitely craving for hot Chinese crab soup and dimsums in the future. The taste has taken the top spot on my craving list. The Ramada Powai Hotel and Convention Centre has launched a Chinese New Year menu at The  Skky . I recently got an opportunity to visit and review their Chinese New year Food festival menu.

Rooftop Restaurant in Mumbai
Pari and I settled in for the Joy of Chinese new year at SKKY
Rooftop Restaurant in Mumbai
The Big Kitchen and TV Screen

Skky- A beautiful Rooftop restaurant in Mumbai

We were in for a pretty surprise as on arrival the hostess took us up in a glass lift and guided us right into the skky. I was in fairyland with twinkling lights in the trees, ponds with electric candle lights, lotus pads and the array of beautiful seating arrangement. The ambiance of the lounge is very elegant with some nice music that tempted me to groove to the beat. It felt magical with the cold nip in the air under the moon and starry night.
The service is really very nice and we were handed the menu card on an iPad. The special Chinese Menu had
Main course
Rice and Noodles
and dessert
There were enough explanations and details of each of the categories dishes. The Chef visited our table and gave us his recommendations according to our likes.


he Bartender mixed up a  yummy looking cocktail and Mocktail for Pari and me. I enjoyed my Mandarin Mojito, Chilled, citrus and refreshing! Pari found her Passion fruit Mocktail very fruity and tangy.

Rooftop Restaurant in Mumbai
 Coolants for the evening


The menu consists of a perfect, wholesome meal, starting from the flavourful Haying spicy crab meat soup – Spicy  Chinese herbs flavored soup with tofu shiitake mushrooms and crab meat, accompanied by the crunchy Crispy water chestnut sautéed in the famous black pepper sauce. I simply loved this authentic tasty soup. Pari liked her veg soup too. She had the Beijing farm fresh corn soup. It was thick, had that freshness of corn and delicately flavored with spices and herbs.

Rooftop restaurant in Mumbai
The Haying spicy crab meat soup
Rooftop restaurant in Mumbai
The Beijing farm fresh corn soup


The menu had lots of traditional dishes from all over China and were well priced. We got served with an assortment of Dimsums. Each and everyone looked so pretty to the eyes and were even more pretty on the palate. I especially enjoyed the prawn and garlic roll and the Corn and Water chest Dumpling. The chef sends us additional Khimchi and sweet and spicy peanuts. Nibbling on these and catching up with a friend under the starlit night was a wonder pe thunder moment for me!!!

The delightful Dimsum Platter
Yummy Sweet and Spicy Peanuts


The sauteed Chicken with tri peppers was a pretty looking dish but a little bland to my taste, however, the trio of Chinese sauces enhanced the flavour. On the other hand, the sauteed fresh river prawns with cashew nut stole my heart, the prawns were so succulent and creamy. Some really delectable starters at one of the best Rooftop restaurant in Mumbai.

Rooftop restaurant in Mumbai
The sauteed fresh river prawns with cashew nut
The sauteed Chicken with tri peppers
Delicious Dipping Sauces

Main course 

We ordered a small portion of Veg fried rice and a simple Hunan gravy. We could manage to have just two morsels each saving up some tummy space for the delectable sweet dumpling dessert.


This was by far the yummiest dish of the day as sweets are my weakness. This gooey soft centered creamy dumpling dusted with desiccated coconut melted away in the mouth. The texture was dense but soft like baby food. Loved it immensely!

Rooftop Restaurant in Mumbai
sweet Gooey Dumplings

Thumbs up for

1. The wonderful Ambiance
2. The large overhead screen for Sports fans.
3. Courteous friendly staff that believes in service with a smile.
4. The innovative menu on the iPad
5. The large kitchen on the side.
6. Well priced dishes.
7. The authentic taste and large portions of food.
8. Timings of Skky- they are open till 1 AM
9. Large group seating arrangements.
10. Excellent stocked up bar

Rooftop restaurant in Mumbai
Pretty Light at our table


Final Verdict

This place is truly Value for money considering the excellent and authentic food and drinks one gets to enjoy in such a spectacular ambiance. Every Mumbaikar must visit The skky to experience the magic and romance just a drive away from the maddening city. One of the most romantic Rooftop restaurant in Mumbai.
Timings: 5 pm to 1 am
For Table Reservations Call: 022 61998042
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(The author dined at the Chinese Food  festival on an invitation, which is on from the 19th of February  to the 28th of February).

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