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Celebrate Holi with Maharaja Bhog Holi Thali

Bura Na Mano Holi Hai !!!

When I hear the word ” Holi” I think of colour and along with colour I think of the colourful dishes. Holi is the time of celebration and relishing exotic foods. The most popular Thandai cannot be missed. Maharashtrians prefer Puran Poli. North Indians prepare Shakarpara and gujjias – a sweet samosa filled with mava, coconut, dry fruits which are fried and dipped in sugar syrup. Gujaratis make sweet khichdi and sweets like kheer, basundi, and malpuas.
Only a crazy person will count calories on Holi, it was time to indulge !!

Holi Thali

Holi Thali at Maharaja Bhog at Juhu

I got a kind invitation from Mr. Ashish Maheshwari, founder, and director of Maharaja Bhog to savor their Holi special Thali which was available till the mid of March.

Ambiance/ Service

ATITHI DEVO BHAVA ! is the principle at Maharaja Bhog

Service with a smile is what greeted us that afternoon. The restaurant wore a festive look with cute caricatures of children playing with Holi pichkaris and colour on the entrance door. Impressed with spacious comfortable seating, tapestry done in subtle colors, and soft classical music, I was now looking forward to this royal dining experience.

Holi Thali



This place serves Rajasthani/Gujurati cuisine. The spread was scrumptious and full of variety. At first, our hands were washed in warm water, hence the service began. Chaas and sweet Kesar sherbet were poured into our glasses. Chutneys, pickle, and raita, two types of farsans, dal pakwan, gulab jamun ki sabzi, tindora achari, aloo lasuniya, Mix kathol, Rajasthani/ Gujarati dal, kadi, papad were served in each of the copper bowls. All the dish was perfectly seasoned and tasted top-notch.
A special mention to the delicious deep-fried Gold coin, tindora achari, and baingan thepla ( served with a huge dollop of butter), I overate like a greedy puppy. 🙂

I guess neither oily nor spicy yet flavoursome was the mantra going on at Maharaja Bhog. I was very impressed with the servers who didn’t rush us into us eating quickly or stood by our side to keep serving us.

Holi Thali

The sweet dishes of the day were excellent: Apple basundi, strawberry halwa, and the Holi special Malpuas

The menu changes every day with a special item going to be featured until Holi. Regular days Lunch/ Dinner is INR 490 while weekends and holidays Lunch/Dinner is INR 550 (inclusive of taxes)

Final Verdict

Paisa Vasool! Totally value for money. “The thali was so scrumptious with each dish having a unique taste. This Holi Thali was full of various Vegetarian Dishes. A  must visit especially during festivals especially if you wish to try the uniqueness of Gujrathi Dishes.

So enjoy a Holi Thali at Maharaja Bhog with family and friends. And don’t miss out on those special Holi delicacies.

SweetAnnu wishes all her readers a Happy Holi!

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