• Maharaja Whiteline mixer
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    Cooking made easy with Maharaja Whiteline Mixer

    Hello friends. You all are well aware of my passion for food. It’s not only eating and reviewing food or even making interesting dishes in my kitchen. It’s all about learning and experimenting with ingredients in the kitchen when I develop recipes for my new blog Cookwithsweetannu.com. Basically, I enjoy cooking but kitchen aid is also very important in this process. Today I will review the Maharaja Whiteline Mixer. Maharaja Whiteline Mixer Grinder review I am really so impressed with the Maharaja Whiteline Powerclick+ Mixer Grinder. It’s the biggest asset in my kitchen. It makes my food preparation easier and quicker because of its Hercules motor of 750W. It works…

  • benefits of consuming Honey
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    HoneyTwigs and the benefits of consuming Honey

    Introducing Honeytwigs Honey Honeytwigs honey is the revolution for honey lovers. A new easy way to consume pure honey while enjoying the taste of pure sweetness guilt free. Honeytwigs honey further offers exquisite flavour to any required dish, be it a simple lime- honey refreshing cooler or a yummy creation of honey fried noodles. Importance of Honey Since ancient times we are hearing about the medicinal properties and importance of honey from our ancestors. Used both a food and medicine our grandmothers vouched for it. This precious bottle of honey was tucked away in a dark corner of the kitchen and used sparingly when the need arose. Here are some top…

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    Freedom From Food Wastage

    A very Happy 72nd Independence Day to everyone. Food Wastage In Metros Our nation has acquired freedom 72 years ago yet we are still reeling under poverty, malnutrition and illiteracy. Did you know that Indians waste as much food as the entire United Kingdom put together. The food wastage is a shocking and disturbing issue in India today. Stop and think before you pile up your dinner plate from the buffet table at weddings or parties wanting to taste all the dishes and then just leave your half full plate at a corner of the room. Our garbage bins in our street are filthy sites with dumped left over food.…

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    Get Ensure to #EnsureAStronger2018

    Get Ensure to Ensure stronger 2018 In my earlier post in the month of January, I had made a New Years resolution to get stronger and fitter in 2018, adopting Ensure in my diet. In the year 2017 you saw a very indulgent SweetAnnu gorging on tasty treats while going for food and restaurant reviews. A food bloggers job is beyond indulging on heavy food so I decided to make the difference. So besides trying to eat healthy meals including fruits and vegetables, I took the pledge to add healthy proteins and nutritive value meals to my diet. ENSURE TO MY RESCUE It has been three months now since I…

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    Assamese Fish Curry with bamboo shoots by Rumi Mahanta Dutta.

    Assamese Fish curry Today let us learn a very simple Assamese Fish curry by an expert in Assamese Cuisine. I will let her take over and introduce the recipe. Hello, I am Rumi Mahanta Dutta, a food blogger based on Dibrugarh, Assam. Here in this Guest post, I am going to share a simple Assamese fish curry recipe. Assam’s love for fish is legendary. We Assamese people  generally eat sour fish curries “the famous Assamese Masor Tenga”  There are different sour ingredients found in Assam to make fish curries such as Outenga (elephant apple),  mosondori (Polygonum microcephalum),  thekera  (garcinia pedinculata),  kaji nemu (Assam lemon),  khorisa (fermented bamboo shoots ), etc. But as these ingredients may not be available in other parts of India, I…

  • Pizza
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    Pizza is Bae, Pizza saves your day.

    Why people love eating pizza Very thoughtfully a foodie has coined the phrase “Pizza is Bae” and now we all use it for our convenience. The question arises, why people around the world love eating pizza. I am guessing, it’s a combination of how the pizza smells, looks, and tastes. And also because of the way our taste buds have been developing with the change in food patterns and fast foods. , we love certain foods more than some others. That is the only reason People love eating Pizza because it is tasty and healthy too. But why does everyone love pizza? Let’s list down a few of the many…