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    Benefits of Outdoor Exercise this Summer

    Outdoor Exercise Ideas for Summer With the arrival of summers, everyone tries to be indoors in order to escape the harsh rays of the sun.  However, we must gear up to embrace the great outdoors and make it a reason to get a good workout. Here are some Outdoor Exercise ideas. But how can one give up the air-conditioned comfort of a gym and studio entirely? Hence you should plan to balance both the indoors and outdoors in your exercise regime. What are the benefits of outdoor exercise? Air quality is generally two to five times better outdoors than indoors. Running outside and breathing the fresh air in parks or by the seaside is…

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    Happiness Makes the World go round.

    Happiness Makes the World go round. Everyone wants to be happy in this world, Everyone wants happiness but few really know what they are looking for. Is it an external feeling or an internal virtue one has to develop? Experts are still looking for the answer. Happiness Makes the World go round but how? The Oxford dictionary meaning of ‘Happiness’  is the feeling you have when things give you pleasure and can be quite a lively feeling; contentment is a quieter feeling that you get when you have learned to find pleasure in things. So lets elaborate on this beautiful feeling in the post below. When I popped the question…

  • Thyroid Disorder
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    #RuleoutThyroWeight – Some Myths and Facts about Thyroid Disorder

    Thyroid Disorder One of my friends has been diagnosed with Hypothyroidism (Thyroid Disorder) since childhood. She is tired of telling people the reason why she is obese, as they keep nagging her to eat less and cut down on fatty food. She is always stressed about her weight and I fully sympathize with her today. Did you know that 1 in 10 Indians suffers from Thyroid disorder? That’s an alarming ratio yet true and proven by statisticians. This disorder as they call it is more common in women. Thyroid disorder occurs due to over- or under-function of the thyroid gland. The thyroid gland is an important gland that produces thyroid…

  • How to deal with PMS
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    7 Tips For How To Handle And Deal With PMS Mood Swing

      How to deal with PMS? Why do we feel sad about certain days of the month? Have you ever reflected and wondered? Cramps, bloating and mood swings are a part and parcel of this too. If so, you should be aware of the physical and emotional symptoms of premenstrual syndrome (PMS) each month. This is the discomfort and distress that often comes before your periods. Lets together make those lifestyle changes. Read all about my simple trial and tested that helped me, how to deal with PMS.  Maybe even you can try some to solve those problems.   Stay Active Physical activity improves blood circulation and helps our brain…

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    GIIS-Global Indian International School gives wings to 74 Indian students

    GIIS Real World Challenges Convention 2017 This year, Global Indian International School hosted its annual GIIS Real World Challenges Convention at GIIS East Coast Campus Singapore. Its’s theme being Innovation, Creativity, and Entrepreneurship or ICE that aimed at fostering entrepreneurial skills and creativity among students.total of 604 students’ participated in the convention. About 210 students took part in the on-spot competitions or had qualified for the final round of various categories. Of these, 74 were from GIIS India campuses, who traveled to Singapore to participate in the GIIS Real World Challenges Convention as part of the GSE programme. The convention saw a  total of 604 students’ taking part. About 210…

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    Vodafone Coimbatore Run for Better Life

    Welcome 1ST October with the 5th edition of the Vodafone Coimbatore Marathon. Like every year the marathon is being organized by Coimbatore Cancer Foundation (CCF) in association with Coimbatore Runners & Show Space Events, not only celebrates the spirit of Coimbatore but also the benevolence of the city as it is held in aid of the CCF, a registered charitable trust dedicated to the counselling, care and support of cancer patients and their family members. The earnings from the Marathon,  incoming revenue/sponsorship will go towards cancer awareness. The sixth edition of the Vodafone Coimbatore Marathon aims to spread awareness and raise funds to support families fighting cancer. The event, which is on October…