Benefits of Horlicks – Catch up on Growth!!

Monday morning the teacher entered the classroom, wished the kids Good Morning and settled in with her register to mark the attendance.
Teacher: I’ll check your attendance.  Mita..!
Mita: Present teacher,  I am here.
Teacher: Sunita.
Sunita: Yes teacher.
Teacher: Rahul.
The children in chorus: Teacher, he is absent today. He has got cough and cold again.

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This is a regular scene in every school. Children are falling sick so often, making it such a matter of concern for parents and teachers. A school must be a safe, pleasant and clean environment to groom a batch of healthy, happy future citizens of our country. Healthy schools mean healthy children and hence a healthy nation. Developing immunity happens to be the most important agenda of parents and schools.


Children and Immunity

It is virtually impossible to germ proof children. Germs are abundant everywhere, especially in situations such as daycare or preschool. A child with a weakened immune system is vulnerable or more susceptible to colds, flu, and more serious illnesses making them lose out on vital body growth. Here comes your protector, Horlicks Growth.


My childhood memories of Horlicks

I still remember a big glass jar mummy used to bring from Sahakari Bhandar during her weekly purchase. She would religiously stir up a glass of this delicious malt for both my sister and me. I would hungrily gulp it down in one go, awaiting that little sticky heavenly residue at the bottom to lick up. We were strong, we grew healthy. Should I owe it to Horlicks or the junk food that didn’t prevail back then? I am debating. I guess both.


benefits of Horlicks

Benefits of Horlicks

Horlicks is the name of a company that is the manufacturer of a malted hot beverage known by the same name. Its main ingredients are- Malt extract, wheat flour, milk solids, malted barley, minerals, sugar, salts, and vitamins.

“Horlicks Growth+ is a specialized nutrition product designed by international pediatric experts for children in the age group of 3-9 years who are lagging behind in height and weight. It contains high-quality whey protein with added nutrients that are known to enable children to catch up on lost growth. It has been clinically proven for visible growth in children in 6 months.”

Horlicks also protect bones and teeth. The iron in it is useful in the production of red blood cells.  Horlicks gives kids energy and keeps them active all day long. Zinc in Horlicks aids the healing of the wound and also helps in keeping skin problem-free.

benefits of Horlicks

These are the few benefits of Horlicks which have been highlighted by noted nutritionists and prominent dieticians. There are two varieties of flavours of Horlicks Growth, creamy Chocolate, and smooth Vanilla. Both these flavours are loved by children.

As they say ‘healthy roots lead to a healthier tree’, so it’s our duty to ensure that our children get healthy nutrition supplements as they grow. An environment that helps them develop a strong foundation. And that is why Horlicks has decided to take the lead.

So, it can be concluded that Horlicks is just not a flavoured drink but iconic energy drink too!!

Here you can check out New Horlicks Growth: https://growthplus.horlicks
and #CatchuponGrowth for your kids.

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