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Caring Hands 2018 – ICICI Lombard CSR Activity

‘Businesses cannot be successful when the society around them fails.’

Caring Hands 2018
The ICICI Lombard team

Caring Hands 2018

Indian corporates should have more than a singular view of profitability. There is always a need to balance between commerce and social responsibility. ICICI Lombard has set the standards really high, year after year. With Caring Hands 2018, they are striving to go beyond the business focus and contribute to the well-being of the society. Especially, the underprivileged children who need it the most.

Caring hands 2018

How Caring Hands was initiated?

Caring Hands 2018 campaign’s main purpose was to provide preventive healthcare services to the underprivileged children, wherein ICICI Lombard employees came forward as volunteers for the project to make life cherishing experiences. This was the 8thyear of the CSR activity since its inception in 2011. Each year, employees participate whole heartedly in the eye check-up camps at various Municipal schools across the country on a single day.

Caring Hands 2018

Caring hands 2018 was even larger!

ICICI Lombard continues to achieve its commitment towards making a difference to the lives of children from the economically weaker sections of the society. On 14th December 2018, ICICI Lombard organized their 8thedition of Caring Hands with free eye check-up pan India. We saw a total number of 36217 being screened and spectacles recommended given to 5582 kids across 105 locations at 288 camps.

Caring Hands 2018

My fulfilling experience with Caring Hands 2018

It was definitely an exhilarating experience to be a part of Caring Hands 2018. Being a teacher for the past 25 years, I have interacted and worked with thousands of children but this was something very special and one of a kind experience.

Caring Hands 2018
Eye Testing Equipment

During our visit to the Adarsh Nagar Municipal School at Worli Koliwada, I got a chance to interact with Mr. Bhargav Dasgupta, MD & CEO, of ICICI Lombard who was present at the camp. During my interaction with him, I got to understand the company’s mission and goals on a larger scale. Putting in perspective the entire working of Caring Hands 2018 since its inception 7 years ago, he explained that as a part of the process, employees obtain permission from schools, source the services of ophthalmologists and entirely manage the camp on the day of the activity. ICICI Lombard senior management makes sure that they visit these camp on Caring Hands day.

Caring Hands 2018
Happy Bunch of school kids

The Activities conducted

It was a lively set up with ICICI Lombard banners, highly spirited employees and the team of ophthalmologists inspecting the children’s eyes. The counters were laid out systematically so that children could follow instructions and complete the eye check-up without missing out on their class time.

Caring Hands 2018

As some of the children curiously peeped down the eye testing machine to check their vision number, the other kids were entertained with songs and sing along sessions by employees of ICICI Lombard.

Caring Hands 2018

Such happy faces they had, when each one received a certificate and token of appreciation at the completion of the eye examination.

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Those diagnosed with poor vision will now be assisted to acquire spectacles.

Caring hands 2018

Thank you Caring Hands 2018

This holistic experience was a fulfilling and positive one. My sincere and best wishes to the entire team of ICICI Lombard. Thank you so much for making me a part of this noble endeavor. With this activity, ICICI Lombard ensures a better vision for needy children. Thereby, facilitating the pathway for a bright future towards creating happy children.

Kudos to the ICICI Lombard – #Caring Hands2018.

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