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Fun things to do at Bogmalo Beach, Goa

Bogmalo Beach Review

Goa – the name is sufficient is to fill you with energy and rush and bring a big grin your face. With dreamlike party scene, fascinating beaches, good food and a fun time for the entire family Goa is a hit with tourists from India and abroad. Always heading to North Goa, however, this time around we decided to stay around the port area and do the beaches of South Goa.

Bogmalo Beach review Bogmalo Beach Resort

Bogmalo, is a little shoreline side town in Goa, India. Regardless of its little size, Bogmalo has a scope of convenience and spots to eat. It is arranged in a little cove with around a mile of bending sandy shoreline which is commonly extremely tranquil. There aren’t many shacks which make the beach look very raw.


Location of Bogmalo Beach

This beach is situated around 4 kilometers (2.5 mi) from Dabolim Airport and 9 kilometers (5.6 mi) from the port town of Vasco da Gama. Because of its area precisely most of the way along Goa’s coast, Bogmalo is a perfect and safe beach to investigate.  Fit for swimming amid the tourist season and fixed with little shops that sell nicknacks and other interesting stuff.

Bogmalo beach review bogmalo beach review 4
Activities on Bogmalo Beach/ BogMalo Beach Review

Bogmalo beach is a place where you’ll get all kinds of adventure and leisure activities. This beach is a safe beach, waves really lash high and make a beautiful sound. The salty breeze pleases one and all. The shoreline has various shack and eateries, where the travelers can enjoy a quick coffee, beer, and some Goan foods. Diving is another major attraction at Bogmalo beach. Just very recently a diving school has started at that place and it is offering a course in diving. It is one of the few diving schools in India to do so.

The beach is a perfect picnicking spot; it has plenty of coconut palms and fishing villages all around, so early morning you can spot some fishing boats at a distance. You can enjoy making sand castles or take a peaceful walk on the beach. If you are hungry, grab a kulfi or channa chat, something you will find vendors selling. Watch and cheer for a football match or ride the waves.  Search for seashells or write names on the wet sand,  the activities are endless. I was very impressed with the long 1 km stretch and enjoyed my evening walk. Hand in hand at the edge of the sand.  My Bogmalo Beach review is an excellent,  a big Thumbs up. However, my earnest request to beachgoers is not to litter it.


Bogmalo Beach review Bogmalo Beach


Bogmalo Beach at Sunset

We visited the beach twice, once in the evening during sunset and the next day too. My husband accompanied me to the beach that evening. Just a two-minute walk from our resort. We stepped in one of the shacks for a coffee. Surprise Surprise, not some beer but coffee. My Bogmalo Beach review is that, it’s pretty and clean or should I say pretty clean. Not much of strewn plastics or human excreta on the sand. We walked slowly on the loose sand towards the water. Later washed our feet in the water and took a long casual stroll. Enjoyed seeing young kids ride the waves, while saree clad women getting wet. Cute lazy dogs lay on the sand while youngsters clicked numerous selfies. Even a few ruminating cows lazily sat in the shade of the fishing boats.

The beauty and positive vibe I got on the beach was fabulous. where visitors can happily enjoy lovely moments with friends or family members. Now the sun was about to set,  took a deep breath and enjoyed the solitude of the majestic glory of mother nature.

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Next Morning at Bogmalo Beach

One evening is never enough for a beach buff. I was back in spite of the scorching heat. Shades, Sunscreen, shorts, and sunhat, I was all set. This time I was going to completely get wet and salty. A fishing boat had just come ashore, it was quite a game of strength pushing the boat deeper into the sand. There are lots of shops which are located at the Bogmalo Beach and very reasonable too. I got a pair of floaters, a sarong and a few fridge magnets. There is a large number of handicrafts and other decorative things available in these shops.

Bogmalo Beach Resort

Things to do around Bagmalo Beach

Tourist cabs are easily available to and fro outside Bogmalo beach. We decided to visit a few nearby places and visit Vasco market to pick up some packets of Cashew nuts to distribute back home. We even stopped by St Andrews Church as a mark of respect and take blessings from the Lord Almighty. Located in Vasco, St. Andrews Church is one of the oldest churches in Goa.

The Naval Aviation Museum is worth visiting too if you are interested in that subject. In the gallery, one can see the historical backdrop of the Indian Navy’s flight wing and its development since autonomy. Different attractions adjacent Bogmali are St Jacintos Island. One can see old houses and a sanctuary on the island. It is in the Mormugao Bay, five km from Bogmalo.

Bogmalo Beach review Bogmalo Beach review
What to Eat and Drink at Bogmalo Beach

No one will actually need a guide to know what to drink in Goa. There are wine shops at every nook and corner. And practically all restaurants serve beer and other liquor at very cheap rates. At Bogmalo, not many restaurants offer fine dining. However, there are plenty of shack restaurants, where locals and tourists can enjoy the quaint Goan charm and cuisines.

We were suggested to dine at John Seagull that was walking distance from our Hotel Bogmalo Beach Resort. The restaurant bar fronts onto Bogmalo Beach. On offer is a great range of food, both Goan and continental.  We ordered some Goan prawns and Kingfish in butter garlic. The service and ambiance both top notch.

Bogmalo Beach resort

Bogmalo Beach Resort

Had a brilliant stay at this 40-year-old Resort that is still so well kept and grand. The property is an excellent 5-star property on the beach front. All rooms are ocean-view, large, clean and beautifully furnished. The breakfast/lunch buffet was a very good variety of Indian and international cuisine. The pool was so inviting and the area around is well maintained. With swaying palms and the sea in the distance just wants you to dive in with clothes on.

We spend just one day there but it was memorable and action-packed. Yet, it felt relaxing with the luxurious Bogmala Resort. We were very contented with the gracious staff. The deal for a day was just INR 6000/ for two people with Breakfast, lunch and airport transfers. It was a steal deal. Thank you Bogmalo!! Hope to visit soon.


Bogmalo beach resort

The experience at Bogmalo was totally splendid. Did not miss the hustle bustle of North Goa. It felt like Goa, only different to experience. Sometimes a change is needed, so just kick off your heels and go with the flow.

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