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BlogchatterA2Z Challenge 2019 Theme Reveal

BlogchatterA2Z Challenge 2019

2018 was the year when I first got to learn about the Blogchattera2z challenge 2019. Wondering if I could ever achieve such a feat, I wished to jump on this moving train. That year I was a tad bit late, infact just a day late. I then, tweeted to the blogchatter team to let me be a part of it, the admin positively told me to participate the next year-round as the challenge registrations were closed. A little dejected back then but nonetheless kept reading and was updated on my friend’s posts who were participating.

It’s 2019, and guess what? This year I am well prepared, excited with full gusto to give BlogchatterA2Z Challenge 2019 my best to create 26 unique blogposts on my website

BlogchatterA2Z challenge 2019

What is the BlogchatterA2Z Challenge all about?

This challenge has not yet started, but Blogchatter does give you lead time to strategize and plan by Mid-March. Starting the 1st of April, you have to write and publish a blog post every day, except Sundays, that is 26 days. Each post relates to the letters of the alphabet, starting with A for the first day, B for the second, and so on, till you complete 26 posts with the last letter Z.

Rules to follow

1. There is no right/wrong theme that Blogchatter gives out. It is completely up to you what you wish to write. You need not have a theme too.

2. Every blogger needs to register for the BlogchatterA2Z challenge 2019 here.

3. All those participating can reveal and publish their themes until 31st March.

4. After publishing your post, share it across your social media platforms with the correct hashtags #BlogchatterA2Z 2019. Tag blogchatter on Twitter along with all your other blogger friends who are participating.

5. Yahoo!!  Bloggers who successfully complete the challenge (all 26 posts) and complete the activities on time are eligible for goodies.

Theme reveal of BlogchatterA2Z Challenge 2019!

Having a common theme is not compulsory but I think its a creative angle and equally challenging to write on a common theme. Apart from that, the readers are also motivated to return to your blog if they know what you will be talking about throughout the month. Read further to find out what I will be writing about. I can’t sit still, feels like a gush of thoughts have taken over me.


#SweetannuTravels A-Z

My blog “” tells stories that touch my life in a unique way. The broad categories I cover are Travel, Education, Food, Fashion, and Lifestyle. As I turned 50 last year, my urge to pack my bag and travel the world has grown four-folds. Hence I bring to you “Sweetannu’s A2Z Travel bucket list” (#SweetannuTravels). Wish to blog about some destinations I have covered in the recent past along with a few I wish to discover in the near future.

Dear Friends,

The Blogchatter  challenge in 2019 has begun. Are you ready for it?
Starting from April 01, 2019, join me at to learn about

1.lesser traveled worldwide destinations.

2. Get travel tips and strange facts about places.

3. Experience different lands, their cultures, lifestyle, and food.

4. Read a post every day and make your own travel bucket list.

5. Lastly, encourage me by leaving a positive note below and wish me Goodluck for #BlogchatterA2Z 2019 #SweetannuTravels.

A preschool teacher, social media influencer, lifestyle & food blogger. Added hobbies are travel, movies, and fashion, going for events, socializing, networking and making new friends.


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