Best tips to get spund sleep at night
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Best tips to get sound Sleep at Night

Best tips to get sound Sleep at Night

Tired of not getting sound sleep at night? The thoughts in our head never seem to stop. Is it the light, or usage of Smartphone just before we try to sleep that is disturbing?  Fretful evenings and tired mornings can turn out to be increasingly antagonizing. There are indications to assist you with dozing better and getting deep sleep in a normal way

Best tips to get sound Sleep at Night

As we get more seasoned and our sleep patterns constantly change due to environmental factors it’s a struggle to get sound sleep at night. Middle-aged women are regularly faced with menopause issues and sweltering hot flashes during the night adding to our woes during sleep.  Your psychological and physical wellbeing is directly subject to how well you rest and sleep at night. On the off chance that you don’t get enough rest, it’s implied that you are probably going to be increasingly distracted and bad-tempered. Does this sound like you? On the off chance that indeed, fortunately, there are some new habits and ways of life transform you can embrace to recover commonality. You should simply get yourself to rest. But how? 

Check out these basic hints to assist you with finding that good sound sleep.

 1. Stick to the Same Sleep Cycle

We all have an inbuilt body clock and cycle that we follow. It is called the Circadian Rhythm. It is responsible for us to wake up and sleep at around the same time every day. If we follow an irregular pattern each time, you disrupt your sleeping cycle. This affects you largely and also your sleep patterns. Hence we need to practice  the same sleep cycle every day on a large scale so we feel  relaxed and refreshed  when we wake up

Best tips to get sound Sleep at Night

 2. Exercise Regularly

 Taking a brisk day by day walk won’t burn access calories but also calm you down, it will likewise keep you up less regularly around evening time. Exercise helps the impact of normal rest hormones, for example, melatonin. An investigation has also proven that postmenopausal ladies who walked daily for around half an hour had a simpler time feeling sleepy at bedtime.  

3. Keep the Bed for Rest and Sex

Try not to utilize your bed as an office or as a lunch table. The bed should be placed where you rest and make exciting sex.  Likewise, abstain from observing late-night TV there. The bed must be a tranquil  place for rest and not for other energetic activities

4. Avoid Bright Light at Bedtime

The brain quickly responds to bright light. You may have noticed that the brighter the light is the less easy it is to fall asleep.  Most likely that you can never sleep with a dim light or bathroom light on. Draw the curtains and see that there is enough darkness, the brain gets the signal and it is more likely that you will get restful deep sleep

5. Eat and Drink Wisely

Sleeping on a heavy stomach after consuming a huge meal is definitely going to be very difficult. Focus on what foods are you taking and the drinks you are having before bedtime. Eat and drink wisely for better sleep by avoiding taking big meals at night and also not consuming fizzy or caffeinated drinks at night. In this manner, you are preparing the body for rest and a good night’s sleep. 

 6. Keep the TV out of Bedroom

If agreeable by your partner and you,  the TV should not be placed in the bedroom at all. And watching Television immediately before bedtime influences your thoughts and may cause disturbances before sleeping. In fact, it takes longer to fall asleep, studies have shown.   

7. Maintain a Strategic Distance from Liquor and Caffeine

Chocolate cravings are ok with a piece or two but definitely not during bedtime. Chocolate contains caffeine, which is an energizer. Shockingly, people have the misconception that liquor induces sleep. On the other hand, the initial winks of sleep turn into a sleepless night and headache as alcohol is an energizer. liquor has a comparable impact. Likewise one should avoid anything acidic or hot, which can give you indigestion keeping you awake at night. 

Best tips to get sound Sleep at Night

8. Avoid Afternoon Naps

If you are constantly having problems falling asleep at night you should consider not napping in the afternoons. In fact grandmothers vouch by this method and vouch by this as one of the best tips to get sound sleep at night

9. Do not Smoke

Nicotine possesses stimulating agents. Those who are in the habit of smoke take longer to fall asleep, wake up more often and even complain of disrupted sleep.

10. Get up and Do Something 

If one can’t get sleep then lying down will not help at all. You need to get up and do something you find more relaxing till the time you feel sleepy again. This way you will get tired and fall asleep fulfilled  

11. Meditation Can Help

The majority of sleep disorders are due to anxiety and stress. One can try to calm the mind by choosing a meditation method to induce better sleep. 

SweetAnnu’s Special Tips

  1. Use white sheets and pillow covers if possible. I really don’t know the connection but it works for me. I fall asleep quicker and wake up refreshed.
  2. A small cup of Turmeric and milk before bedtime works like magic makes me drowsy and want to hit the bed,
  3. Reading two pages of a romantic novel or fiction story triggers the sleep hormone.
  4. Wish all those in the house goodnight before you sleep.
  5. Try not to make conversation in bed, this will make you take a longer time to sleep.
  6. End all arguments and wish your partner Goodnight. Do not carry anything to the next day. Grudges, words, actions all need to sort before you sleep. I practice this every day. Thanks to my Mothe who shared this most valuable tip.


Blessed are those who hit the pillow and get sound sleep. But not everyone in this world is blessed. Try these Best tips to get sound Sleep at Night and yet, if you cannot sleep well at night see a doctor for your chronic sleep problems.

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