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Which is the highest bathroom and kitchen cleaning product selling in India?

Hey Folks, so what’s up? How’s life?
It has been a roller coaster ride for me. Sometimes up and sometimes low. Especially with my outdoor activities and social networking. Haven’t been quite active with respect to the same.

However, I have consciously taken a vow to get back into action, giving myself targets; trying to find contentment in the things I do every day.

The biggest happiness factor is when I get to meet my family and friends. And now with Navroze just around the corner, I am excited to meet them all. In fact, I have planned a family get-together with a luncheon at home. Also inviting my relatives and my extended family over for Navroze celebrations.

But first, for those who don’t know what Navroze is and how we celebrate it…

What is Navroze?

Jamshedi Navroze is celebrated by the majority of the Zoroastrians, who follow the Shahenshahi religious calendar. The end days of the calendar are very auspicious and known as the Gatha days, which are followed by the Parsi New Year day known as the Navroze.

On Navroze day, Zoroastrians lay a Navroze table with religious elements and other auspicious symbols on it. They wear new clothes, go to the fire temple and thank God for the goodness. We all prepare and savour special food cooked for these auspicious days. And of course, there is charity to the poor and the needy. In the evening we socialize with each other. Then later we meet and greet family members and friends and spend the day in happy activities.

So here I was all happy and excited for these special celebrations. When I realized that it will definitely require plenty of preparations and house cleaning. Was I prepared for it?

Prep up the dishes and sweets?
How would I organize my house in less time?
Get my kitchen and bathroom spotless clean?
With what best bathroom and kitchen cleaning product is available?

Read on to know more…

I guess I get my cleanliness genes from my mother; she likes everything spotless around the house every day. And if no one is there to clean, she does it all by herself. I am quite the same, will get down on my knees to scrub the dirty stains in the washroom or climb on high stools to dust those sticky cobwebs.

I realized I needed a good effective bathroom and kitchen cleaning product that would be able to deal with tough stains, grease and grime. A real deep and effective cleaner that was powerful enough to cut down my cleaning time and let me concentrate on the other preparations that needed to be done before my Navroze party.

How did I find my bathroom and kitchen cleaning product?

On Amazon, in the groceries section, while ordering my monthly stocks, I found Cif power & shine kitchen cleaner spray with orange and tangerine oil and Cif power & shine bathroom cleaner spray.  They both seemed to be impressive bathroom and kitchen cleaning products. The bottles were smart sturdy, non-spill with a spray nozzle. The products also got delivered the next day itself.  

More about this bathroom and kitchen cleaning product from Cif

The manufacturer of this product is UNILEVER UK LTD which is a trusted, reputed brand in the consumer industry. The product has also been in the market for over 60 years and is well appreciated by homemakers for its effective power cleaning attributes that I read in the reviews online.

It contains:
*No major harmful chemicals
*Added Eco-friendly ingredients
*Eliminates dirt, grime, bacteria and germs.
*With aroma of orange and tangerine.

What Cif power & shine kitchen cleaner promises

The Cif power & shine 700 ml kitchen cleaner has a powerful dirt-busting formula. It contains naturally acquired cleaning agents that swiftly extract 100% of the toughest dirt, grease and stains to acquire an unbeatable sparkling clean surface free from germs too. The perfect bathroom and kitchen cleaning product one could dream of. What more could I ask for?

My Cif Experience

I had to get my house in order especially my kitchen and bathroom as these two areas are definitely going to be visited by the guests who come home. 

my bathroom and kitchen cleaning product

In the Kitchen

Out came the newly purchased Cif power & shine kitchen cleaner. It was my first experience using this particular product. It’s absolutely brilliant for stove cleaning. I am such a messy cook and this is absolutely a perfect solution for easily removing all the burnt spillover and overflow of food on the kitchen stove and platform. Most importantly, it is safe to use on food preparation areas.

All I had to do is just spray 5 to 6 times and leave it for a few moments. And then I wiped the entire surface with a wet cloth. I even used it to clean the oily grime of my kitchen exhaust fan and was very satisfied with the results. Just a little bit of gentle scrubbing was required and voila the grime and grease came off!

Later I used it for cleaning the kitchen chimney. Just 5-6 sprays and leave it for a few minutes and wipped it with a piece of cloth. Gentle scrubbing was required as it was too greasy and had not been cleaned since Diwali. A bathroom and kitchen cleaning product one would really wish for during Diwali Safai too.

my bathroom and kitchen cleaning product

In the Bathroom

My next destination was my bathroom. I instructed my maid to spray on the tiles around the areas the pot and basin where tough build-up stains existed. She sprayed Cif power & shine bathroom cleaner spray on the key areas and then left it for a minute or two to settle in before scrubbing. She even sprayed it across each and every nook and corner of the bathroom flooring which required scrubbing. It works by removing soap stains and watermarks to leave a 100% shine. You too can brighten up your washroom in a day with this high-performance, high-powered bathroom and kitchen cleaning product Cif.

Cif is just like magic

1. The lightweight formula removes the toughest of stains and grease in just one wipe, leaving your kitchen surfaces sparkling with a shiny finish. Cif can be used on ceramic, chrome, steel, aluminium, stone, plastic, and enamel surfaces too.

2. Cif power & shine kitchen spray is the best and most effective product for kitchen tops, stove surfaces, oven doors, toasters, hobs and steel basins. It’s safe for food preparation areas.

3. An all-around cleaning solution that easily cuts through grease and grime to leave surfaces sparklingly clean. It’s bursting with orange and tangerine oil that makes any kitchen and bathroom have the long-lasting aroma of a citrus garden.

4.  Cif cleaners have been formulated to give a superlative cleaning experience without damaging surfaces, prolonging their original beauty.

5. Cif power & shine bathroom cleaner spray removes all soap scum and keeps the bathroom 100% streak-free and shiny.

6. Cif proves gentle on the hands of people that use it too.

Now the Magic of Navroze

So the time I saved to make my house spotlessly clean, keeping in mind the minute details of the grime between the tiles, I spent that time to prepare a feast for my celebrations

What glorious Navroze dinner after all. Not a pro to making Patra ni Macchi, but there was:
– Fried Fish
– Masala Dal
– Mutton Pulao
– Sali Chicken
– Rotli
– Lagan nu Achar (pickle)
– Kacchumber
– Caramel Custard
Sagan ni Sev with curd

It tasted sweeter and lovelier with the family. It’s been such an uplifting and joyous occasion to be a part of and to take this time to reunite with near and dear people in my life that I don’t get to see often.

They all were in happy spirits while enjoying my homemade dishes. And I was happy to showcase my spic and span home, especially my kitchen and bathroom.

This year we celebrated a clean and safe Navroze with Cif power & shine kitchen cleaner spray. I truly would like to recommend this fantastic bathroom and kitchen cleaning product to all my friends.

This product is a dream come true for every homemaker. Considering that I am a neat person and that my kitchen has to be clean, Cif was such a motivating, inspiring experience. For me, a clean kitchen represents a happy home. The magical powers of Cif came to my rescue in time for my big-time Navroze celebrations. You can buy it from here.

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