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Benefits of Fruit Infused Water Recipes

We all know the importance of drinking water, but sometimes in our busy schedules, we forget to drink water altogether. We drink only when we feel thirsty, often opting for sugary and fizzy drinks. Many of us only drink when we’re really thirsty, but this is really bad for the body. Let’s introduce fruit infused water to our bodies.

Healthy fruits

What’s Fruit Infused Water?

Fruit-infused water is making waves in a big way. Infused water is made by adding chunks or slices of fruit and other natural ingredients to water and letting it infuse for a few hours so the flavors can get absorbed in the water. This water is said to have medicinal properties and aids in many bodily ailments. Researchers have found true value for drinking Infused water. Making your own infused water is good as its practically calorie-free and gives you refreshing taste to boring water.

Fruit Infused Water recipes

Benefits of Fruit Infused Water

Fruit-infused water is a superb alternative to regular water because it tastes amazing and is also made with super healthy ingredients.

1. Fruit-infused water made is a healthier way to remove toxic substances from the body.
2. Fruit-infused water definitely helps to improve your mood.
3. It even helps your digestive system working smoothly.
4. These Healthy drinks can be given to children in order to keep them hydrated
5. Citrus fruits are an excellent source of vitamin C, they provide powerful energy powerful and antioxidants to protect your blood cells.
6. Research has proved that drinking fruit-infused water is a great habit to help keep your blood pressure remain healthy too.
7. The best alternative to wean away from energy drinks and sodas which do more harm to your body. It does make you feel energized but those sugar-loaded drinks can cause harm.
8. Homemade fruit infused water recipes are excellent for weight loss.
9. This water keeps you calm yet active, keeps you from feeling groggy during the later part of your day.
10. Another benefit for people who work out, drinking fruit infused water during exercise reduces muscle fatigue while working out.
11. It’s good for the eyes too. Berries and citrus fruits are high in vitamin C, which helps reduce the risk of eye diseases and cataracts.
12. Curbs hunger cravings, when infused water is drunk on a regular basis.

Fruit Infused water

Some combinations that you can try

  1. Cucumber + Mint + Lime
  2. Lemon + Ginger
  3. Mint + Strawberry + Lime
  4. Pineapple + Mint
  5. Orange + Lime
  6. Watermelon + Basil
  7. Apple + Cinnamon
  8. Grape + Orange

My fruit infused water recipes

Ingredients – A few Strawberries, one tangerine, half cup pomegranate, a few mint leaves.

Method – Chopped and filled the infuser core with the fruits. Later pour sufficient cold water to ensure that the infuser is properly soaked. Close the lid and refrigerate for minimum of 6 hours. A delicious healthy cold fruit infused water is ready.

Fruit Infused water recipes

In today’s day and age, it is difficult to maintain the goals we set for ourselves. Parties, social life has taken a front seat. We struggle to get 8 hours of sleep and multi-task to the hilt. My decision to enjoy fruit infused water is not a fad but a lifestyle change which I  am inculcating. Definitely, a sensible choice, don’t you think so?

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