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Savour with Sweetannu- September Foods

September Foods

Well well!! Where do I begin? Let me begin from the first week, September did not start off very well for me as  I caught the flu. I hate falling sick, and this was after a period of nearly two years. Actually, it was quite a bad viral and it drained me completely.

Selfie at Gym

Anyways, with a week of scheduled tasks not achieved it was time to double up and complete chores, achieve the things I planned to do. First of all to hit the gym in vengeance. Exercise gives me a high like no other thing on earth. The rush of oxygen flowing through your veins and the fast heartbeats is an experience beyond comparison.

New September Foods I tried this month :

september foods
Soulfull Savoury Muesli

1. Soulfull Chatpata Muesli 

Baked not fried, savory not sweet, no preservatives either. This masala #DesiMuesli is just the spice of life, I  needed right now to satisfy my in-between meal hunger cravings. And the good news is, it tastes perfect with Dahi. Check it out here and pick one pack for yourself.

september foods
Alf Farm range of products

2.Alf Farms frozen products

Always on the lookout for a quick fix breakfast yet making it interesting. What better way to start digging into a meaty cheesy sandwich with your cup of morning coffee.  I tried out the Alf farm range of chicken products.

Chicken Plain loaf – This product from Alf farms had that heavenly smokey flavor. Made some healthy cheese and chicken sandwiches with it.

Alf farms sausages

Chicken Barbecue slices – A tad bit salty, I pan-fried the chicken Barbecue slices and rolled it in a chapati for breakfast.

Chicken sausages – Chicken sausages are enjoyed wholeheartedly in the Irani household, just saute them and dig into this heavenly succulent piece of protein, however this time I cooked up a sausage dish. Easy to make with onions, tomato puree, spices and tossed it with chopped chicken sausages. It was so delicious and healthy too.

september foods
Cotton Candy was yummy

3.Baskin Robbins Candy ice creams 

You just don’t care about your cold or calories when your favorite ice-cream brand introduces a  range of ice cream sticks in four exciting flavors. Chocolate/ Vanilla CottonCandy, Mango and Dulce de Leche only at Rs. 60! Must try each one, one is better than the other.

4.Fine Dine at Punjab Grill

Punjab Grill, Andheri played host to an excellent Fine dining experience one lazy Monday afternoon.  Chef Maninder Singh served up with pride an array of lip-smacking chicken tikkas and aromatic gravies. Some of these have to be mentioned and definitely ordered off the menu next time too.

Chaamp Taajdar

Chaamp Taajdar – The name suggests Lamb chops, yes but may I add that this flavor of smokiness and the tenderness of the meat was par excellence.

Malai Murg Tikka

Malai Murg Tikka – These tikkas were the most amazing tender tikkas I have had in a long long time.
Ajwaini Fish – Flakey, well-marinated fish with delicate flavors. Yummy !!

Litchi ki Tehri – The sweet tooth of Sweetannu was in for the sweetest treat. A delectable rabdi with Shahi litchis and sultanas.

Quaint Goa Church
Long Goa drives rock

 5.Short Staycation to Goa

This time round it was sister and my time, and Goa never disappoints. The beautiful Swaying palm trees in the magical breeze. Savored some delicious Goan food, and visited the local market at Mapusa. Enjoyed long rides on the bike, but it got very spooky at night. Delicious September foods savored in Goa.

september foods
Goan Prawn Chilli

We saw some pretty churches, quaint Goan houses, and lush green paddy fields. The sound of the waves brought back childhood memories
Mesmerizing Goa, can’t get enough of you
You’re just a mini Paradise on Earth. So true!!

Thank you September, you have been one of a kind. You left me both happy and wanting more time. So as you are coming to an end this 2017, I bid you good bye and hope to meet you soon in 2018. 

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