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Best of Bangkok in just four days.

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Hello Bangkok, So we meet again!!

There is something about this city that enchants people around the world. You will definitely want to visit again just like me. Bangkok is the capital city of Thailand, is busy, most congested city with cars back to back but not a honk or noise pollution. But trust me, there is lots more to see and do there. It is known for its vibrant nightlife, beautiful temples, and bustling markets. In the month of December 2017, my sister Farzeen Irani and I decided to prove to the world that traveling to Bangkok alone is safe and so much fun for two ladies.
We were in for some crazy fun, and worked out a 4-day itinerary to squeeze in the best Bangkok has to offer. This time we were prepared to take on the heat, the traffic, and the hectic craziness.

Thai welcome drink

Day 1- We landed ‘Smooth as Silk’ and ‘Fresh like an Orchid’ all thanks to Thai Airlines. With smooth immigration and visa on arrival, we were all set to explore. Familiarize with phrases and maps beforehand.

bangkok skyline from radisson
The Bangkok skyline from Radisson

pool chair at radisson hotel

Raddison Hotel

Checked into our hotel early, must say the staff of Radisson – Bangkok was extremely helpful and understanding towards our needs. The suite on the 9th floor was perfect with best amenities and a cozy bed. We even took a swim in the rooftop pool. After resting and grabbing a cuppa coffee we were set to take Bangkok by foot and soak in the sexy vibe.


pink pvssy outlet at Sukhumvit
Hmm, what was I thinking to pose outside this shop at Sukhumvit?

Auto rickshaw in bangkok

Sukhumvit Road
Sukhumvit Road, one of the busiest commercial streets in Bangkok. And lanes are known as ‘soi’ in Thai. Each street comes alive at night with food carts, street shops, loud music from restaurants/ pubs with people from all walks of life settling in for some good/naughty time. Bangkok in December is beautiful, Malls outside Siam Square and Sukhumvit area are lit with giant size Xmas trees and decorations. Just walking around and exploring was on the agenda. Street shopping and some street food.

Thai grilled pork skewers


Day 2-
A bumper breakfast was not enough to stop these foodie sisters from visiting another food paradise.

street food
Typical sights you can see


 Xmas tree outside the Terminal 21 Mall
Huge Xmas tree outside the Terminal 21 Mall

mango sticky rice

Terminal 21
We got a free drop by the Hotel conveyance. The nine floors at Terminal 21 house some 600 shops, a Cineplex, Gourmet Market (supermarket) and a food court with all kinds of mouthwatering Thai and international fare.Find everything from dumplings to grilled duck, Hainanese chicken rice to delicious phad Thai, roast pork noodles to vegetarian ready-to-eats. Fresh fruits, crepes and bubble teas. Don’t forget to leave some room for desserts, as there’s mango sticky rice, shaved ice dessert, ice creams, and much more.

Asiatique The Riverfront
It was a wonderful feeling being here


ferris wheel at bangkok
Spot me under the Ferris wheel
selfie at urbano
A tad bit touristy

ASIATIQUE The Riverfront

This is Bangkok’s first large-scale riverside project combining shopping, dining, sightseeing, activities, and events under one roof. It strikes a balance between tradition and globalization.From 5 PM until 11 PM this runs and it’s very popular in recent times.
If you take BTS (sky train)  to Saphan Taksin station and then take a free shuttle boat. You will find rows and rows of food outlets, prices are reasonable, so you are free to go mad there. The Ferris wheel is the main attraction, worth a visit. It takes 4-5 rounds max for 400 Bahts. A decent view of Bangkok from above.


Day 3-


dusit zoo
Dusit Zoo
A sun-kissed Selfie

camel sighting at dusit zoo

Dusit Zoo-
We had ad to pay a visit to Dusit Zoo. Took the sky train on the Sukhumvit Line and got off at Victory Monument Station, from there we took a taxi to the Dusit Zoo. It was a treat to see animals from far and wide. Especially the giraffes and zebras I saw in close proximity for the first time.  Different types of monkeys, hippopotamus, alligators, tigers, and lions together with rare breeds (for Thailand) such as penguins, camels, wallabies, and kangaroos are kept here.


roast duck at bangkok
Delicious Roast duck

desert of bangkok

chinatown street shop

China Town.
Later we took an Uber to China Town not very far away. This time we had Alok Verma- A doctor/food stylist/traveler as a company. Chinatown in Bangkok is a culinary feast. The streets are filled with stalls for shopping of souvenirs to bring back home, but the street food was more interesting to look at here. We visited Hua Seng Hong Shark’s fin – a restaurant on the main street. We were in for the duck, pork, and dimsums. very reasonable and quick service. In fact, the dimsums arrived before we actually placed the entire order.  But at night, the area is one of the best places in the city to get delicious seafood.

iced coffee

toy stuff at indra market

Indra Market
With practically no shopping done for friends and family back home, I was in panic mode. Quickly reaching the hotel, we left again for Indra Market. We visited the mall first before it closes down by 6.30-7 pm.  You can get almost everything here, including clothes, chocolates, electronics, luggage, footwear, accessories etc. Later we roamed the indoor street-market with dozens of clothes stalls and cloth stalls intermixed with souvenirs and toys. Many good bargains and deals. Bags and shoes as cheap as 200 Bahts. Now I had my hands full of cute shopping bags, grinning and happy with my shopping.


day 4-

siam centre

intercontinental bangkok

madame tussauds bangkok

Siam Centre

Siam Centre is located next to Siam BTS, famous for its high-end boutiques. There are plenty of well-known brands at Siam Center as well. The Christmas decor was breathtaking, each store had a personalized window display. One can also take a trip to
Madame Tussauds and Ocean World. A combo ticket with both is a good option. The Malls are next to each other. It was a date with the stars and a trip down under the sea.

Siam Centre

MBK Cente

MBK Cente
Tip while visiting MBK, please stay hydrated and wear suitable walking shoes as MBK is

eight floors, packed with 2,000 shops that sell everything from clothing, fashion accessories, handbags, leather products and luggage to furniture, mobile phones, electric appliances, cameras, stationery, and DVDs. This will only make you a crazy shopper.

Now it was the time to back and say bye bye to beautiful Bangkok. Thailand is one of the most fascinating and thrilling places in the world and whether you’re there for a week, a month or a year, Thailand will be an experience that will last a lifetime. So I will be back to explore more.

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  • krishna maharana

    U r soo funloving that its a great fun going through ur travel stories …Be it d camelfie in Jordan, sleepfie or sunkissed selfies or ur writings just feels straight out of the heart ….This a very detailed review of bangkok , Bookmarking it for future reference ❤ Thanks again for sharing

  • Purnima Nanavati

    Bangkok as skairy and unsafe it is has been told again & again.Right frm keep ur ipad/ipod/laptop/passport at the reception with both signatures.Check frm inside the hotel window is locked & ofcourse the street food poisining which is so common tht they hv a hospital at the airport.With all these inhibitions clouding one’s judgement.2chicks(wandering sisters)backpack to bangkok.Frm a lovely suite at the raddison suite with a lovely trip ahead of them,they begin their adventure.Whtever ur mood demands religion,zoo,ocean park,shopping malls,its all there waiting patiently for u.As my masi says purnima u hv to take the 1st step out of ur threshold rest leave to us.With madam tussads being there just like hongkong one cant resist the tempatation to get clicked.And being a mecca for shopping be prepared to pay a bit extra for ur baggage.Arre bhai economy se aa jao।

  • George Kochi

    Sukhumvit Road with its Christmas decoration is always a tourist’s delight. ASIATIQUE is really interesting. I would love to visit Thailand soon. thanks for sharing such an amazing article.

  • FARUK Parmar

    I like Thailand and Christmas celebration is joy and love and happiness to each other so I am very excited and all offer and I am happy your contest and all people face are exited and joy each othet

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