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Baking with Love and Lakeland Products

Lakeland Products Launch

The 13th of September was a hectic yet special day. It was a working Saturday and in spite of being down with allergies, I was very excited to go all the way to town. To Kala Ghoda, to the Westside store to witness a landmark event. The train ride was fun and I reached Churchgate in 30 minutes flat. Kudos Maharashtra Government for this remarkable transformation. The Westside store had arranged a preview of Lakeland products. This is a UK based company which manufactures and markets premium Kitchenware. Lakeland is now ready to enter the Indian market with their range of baking accessories, bake and ovenware, cupcake and cake pop maker, Chocolate fountain and candy floss maker.

The Beautiful Display of Lakeland products
The beautiful display of Lakeland products
I wish to have this Lakeland cake pop maker

The Event

The fun session began with Ms. Roxanne Bamboat aka thetinytaster introducing the company and welcoming all the bloggers. She introduced Shahzad Variava, Amul Master Chef India season 2’s Dessert King. I was looking forward to a few baking tips and learning the art of icing my cupcakes from the Chef.

Cupcakes made by dessert king Chef Shahzad Variava
Cupcakes made by Dessert King, Chef Shahzad Variava

Lakeland premium baking Products

A Uk based company that enters the Indian market with premium quality bake range. The coffee shop was beautifully decorated with all Lakeland premium baking and ovenware.  Some of the appliances like the Lakeland cupcake maker or waffle iron caught my fancy. There were baking products like baking tins, molds, cake pop molds, etc.

There were different stations and we were told to visit each one, trying our hands at baking, making and tasting some of those goodies. At first, I went to the candyfloss station because it brought back my childhood memories. The machine was sleek, compact and easy to store when not in use. It needed sugar and a technique to twirl the floss on the candy stick. And Voila – you would have a happy bunch of kids.

Trying my hands at Candyfloss
Trying my hands at Candyfloss

The mini cupcake maker was amazing, get the batter in, just wait for five minutes and your cupcakes are ready. Same was with the cake pop maker. I especially enjoyed making cake pops and popping them hot in my mouth. Lakeland Products will definitely enhance my baking skills and will impress everyone around at home.

All these cake pops made me so happy
All these irresistible cake pops made me so happy

The Chocolate Fountain

Now, It was time to drown my love for chocolates in the chocolate fountain. I must say this was the star attraction of the evening. It will be a hit at kiddie parties, which now, Lakeland brings to India.

Show stopper at the event- The chocolate fountain
A show stopper at the event – the chocolate fountain

The station of Chef Shahzad was the best of all. He answered everyone’s queries and was a good teacher, just like me. Hehe !! I learned how to ice my cupcakes and coat my cake pops with chocolate sauce.

Some creations made by the guests
Some creations made by the guests
My cupcake creation
My cupcake creation
You caught me with my mouth and hands full

I must conclude by saying, that this session was very productive, fun-oriented and full of getting to know Lakeland products. I can hardly wait for the Lakeland launch. Lakeland products will be available exclusively at stores, Forum Mall, Bangalore and Lakeland, Phoenix Market City, Pune.

Welcome to India, Lakeland!

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