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B – Beautiful Bali #A2ZChallenge

B stands for Beautiful Bali…..the island of a thousand temples.

Bali is a honeymooners dream destination all around the world with dreamy, clean, while sand beaches.

Indonesia is a country with thousands of islands. Because of those many islands, Indonesia has a lot of beautiful coastal beaches. Some of them even become the most favorite beach for foreign tourists. This collection of the best islands around Bali ought to be among your top picks in case you’re arranging an island bounce or two. Those anticipating encountering the submerged marvels that lie underneath the waves around Bali may as of now have the remote Menjangan Island on the island’s northwest national park or the three Gilis which are inside a 2.5 hours’ quick vessel move from Bali, on their radar.


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Southeast Asia is a haven to many of the world’s best beaches, there’s no doubt about it. Check the best and least crowded beaches in SE Asia.

Bali has plenty of popular beaches, some offbeat and lesser-known like the beautiful black sand beach of Pasut. It has so much to offer, not only with. its beautiful beaches and bountiful nature but adventures and hikes for those who enjoy more than just a regular holiday. Now let’s discover more about Bali and gather some important travel tips.

How to get to Bali

The cheapest, fastest, and best way to travel to Bali is to take a low-cost carrier like Malindo Airlines or Air Asia.

There aren’t any direct flights so you’ll need to change our board a connecting flight in Kuala Lumpur. Tickets are generally cheaper from Chennai or Cochin as compared to other cities from the south of India.

Bali Volcano
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Best time to visit Bali

Even though Bali is an all-round the year destination, the best time to visit would be from April to October. Those are the Summer months of Bali. During the months of October – March, Bali experiences rainfall, so it’s best to avoid this half of the year if you’re planning in advance. You don’t want the rain to dampen your vacation.

More About Bali

1. The most popular Indonesian island Bali is known for its forested volcanic mountains, picturesque rice fields, virgin beaches, and coral reefs. Kuta Beach is one of the best beaches in Bali, and top on the popularity list of the Indonesian people.

2. The Airport (Ngurah Rai International Airport) is the international airport where you will be landing. Here you can avail of Visa on Arrival facility on an Indian passport for a fee of US $ 25. This visa is valid for up to 30 days and can be extended if need be.

3. Rupiah is the monetary unit of Indonesia. The symbol is IDR and can be written as Rp. The Indonesian Rupiah is divided into 100 sen.

while sand

Tips for First Time Travellers

1. Change your money at established money changers.  Don’t get fleeced by dishonest people trying to make a fast buck on you.

2. You need to wear decent clothes and dress modestly before entering a temple in Bali.  Guests are expected to cover their legs and arms.

3. Stick to bottled water or canned juices, to avoid a “Bali Belly”. And especially don’t drink water from the tap, I was told.

4. Some beaches are not safe for beachgoers. There is a possibility of treacherous undercurrents and the added risk of a tsunami. Look for the red flags along the beaches, that are unsafe for swimming.

As you can see, there are lots to take care of before visiting here. However, hopefully, now you will feel more prepared to embark on your dream holiday. One thing is for certain: you will have the most spectacular journey of your life in this scenic and relaxing location. Happy journey and have a nice time in God’s own Country.

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This post is a part of the Blogchatter Letter B #BlogchatterA2Z and for April 2019. This was my previous Letter A – Alibaug Post 

And stay tuned for the next letter of the alphabet  – #A2ZChallenge 2019.

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