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Attra Holiday and Camping Farms – The best funfilled weekend Staycation

Attra Holiday and Camping farms – Don’t we all crave to escape from the hustle-bustle of city life? Even if it’s just for a day, we wish to just run away from the maddening city. In the present age and the quick-paced city life, a place that remains nearer to the city yet away from the bedlam is an unquestionable requirement. A weekend stay where we associate with nature is really what is required to return to the normal perspective. Last week a group of We enjoyed one of the best Staycations so close to Mumbai just 2 hours drive from Mumbai on the old Pune – Mumbai highway.

About Attra Holiday and Camping farms

Attra Holiday and Camping farm stretches over 10+ acres of lush greenery, with 3 huge and spacious properties. Each bungalow has 4 -5 bedrooms with attached bathrooms, self-contained kitchen, separate hall, and dining areas. Ideal for group picnics, family gets together and kids.

How to get to Attra

By Road: It is a two and a halfhour drive from Dadar, Mumbai. Roads connect Pune, Goa, and Nashik Corridors/under construction trans-harbor link between Mumbai, Sewri, and Navi Mumbai.  

By Rai: Karjat’s railway terminus is connected to CST Mumbai, Khopoli, Panvel, Pune, and Nashik. Also, this would soon be connected by harbor line (which would reduce the traveling time between Karjat- CST and Ghatkopar- Karjat significantly)

By Air: The upcoming airport in Panvel is a 45-minute drive from the Navi Mumbai (developing) airport and 90 minute drive from Santacruz airport

Attra Holiday and Camping farm

Best Time to go to Attra’s.

Attra is a perfect picnic destination throughout the year. However, monsoons would be the best time. In summers when temperatures soar, you can make optimal use of the two pools on property. Winter fun can be enhanced with a bonfire party under the starry sky.

Attra Holiday and Camping Farm

12 Must Things to See and Do on your Trip

1. You can do various activities like horse riding, rifle shooting, archery, swimming, play cricket, football, carom, chess. Never a dull moment at Attra Farms.

2. The shades of green and unexplored nature truly took my breath away. Plan a photo shoot, take some beautiful fashion blogger type photos for your Instagram page.

3. Waking up to birds and the sunlight through the window, rather than a doorbell or honking cars. These birds here thrive on 400 mango trees and over 50 coconut trees.

Attra Holiday and Camping farm

4. Play with the rescued animals on the farm.  There are dogs and horses that are taken care of here, later adopted by guests who visit. Or stay back on the farm to make it their home.

5. Just a drive away is the famous Nitin Desai studios (ND) which have been used for shooting. A half-day morning picnic can be planned and you could get back for lunch on the farm

 6. Do not miss a beautiful drive down to the Morbe Dam. You will drive through sleepy villages. The view is scenic, just like a picture postcard. Driving past the flowers, trees, grass, mountains in total silence is an exhilarating experience indeed.

Attra Holiday and Camping Farm

7. A visit to Baba Dairy that is a ten-minute walk away. A food blogger cannot miss to savour the gigantic samosas, vadas, and sweetmeats.

8. The swings at Attra Farms beckon the child in you. Keep swinging high and low, trust me no one will judge you here.

Attra Holiday and Camping farm

9. You could just sit on the balcony or outside your cottage reading a book as the butterflies flutter by. You do get a decent network if you wish to use the internet to do some creative writing.  

10. If you visit during the rainy season, you will be lucky to be treated with hot bhajiyas and piping hot tea. A small trek to a nearby waterfall involves the thrills with added spine chills.

11. A bonfire at night can be arranged too. Next time I plan to sing romantic love songs and toast marshmallows.

12. Have you tried outdoor yoga and pranayamas? After all, practicing yoga sitting outdoors, observing the breath, and being in the present moment can be beautifully experienced at Attra’s.

Close your eyes and imagine the sunrise over wide-open green fields, morning rain glistening on treetops, and picturesque mountaintop. Yes, nature is absolutely breathtaking at Attra Holiday and Camping farms.

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  • daniel

    Great list!! I have never heard of this place but it sure does look really fun. I have always loved Indian food, kind of spicy but I love it. HAHA. The farm looks nothing like the Mumbai I have seen while visiting India,

  • Jennifer Prince

    I desperately need a staycation. It’s such a great idea to just stay close to home for some R&R. I would go for the bonfire and take marshmallows, too. The whole place sounds so lovely!

  • Shreya Saha

    Attra Camping Farm looks like a great weekend getaway from Mumbai. I have been to many places nearby when I was living in Mumbai but I was not aware of this beautiful place. I am surely going to keep this in my list now.

  • Bhushavali N

    I have fond memories of Mumbai. Good to know you found a nice farm very close to Mumbai. Its good that you don’t have to travel overnight or catch a flight to enjoy this, but its only 2 hrs away. Each bunglow has 4-5 bedrooms? I can imagine how a group of friends with their families can spend an amazing weekend here. Rifle shooting, horse riding? Whoa! That’s a ton of activities. Good to know internet connectivity isn’t bad as well.

  • Neha Sharma

    Attra farms look like a perfect getaway from the hustle-bustle of the city. I always look out for properties where you can go as a group and enjoy the stay just like at home. Next time I visit Mumbai, I’ll surely be planning a stay at Attra Farm. Thanks for sharing the details.

  • Yukti Agrawal

    I lived in Mumbai for so many years but never knew about Attra as it looks really a hidden gem away from busy city life. Drive to Morbe dam too looks beautiful as it passes through nature, greenery and many more beautiful sights. Your picture of samosas are tempting me to visit that Baba dairy now as they look very crispy and tasty.

  • Blairvillanueva

    Lovely place and good food ( I love samosas), definitely worth visiting. I like this place full of greens, fresh air, what else can you ask for more? Ooh maybe stay here longer!

  • Shilpa Garg

    Attra Camping Farm seems like a great place to relax and have fun with family and friends. I like that it has so much to offer. The food looks absolutely yummy too! Will share your post with Mumbai – Pune friends!

  • Cecilia

    I love that there are animal rescues on the property that visitors can then adopt. That is such a great idea. Also those Samosas are huge and look absolutely delicious. The Attra farm is definitely a place I would stay!

  • Surbhi Mahobia

    This place looks beautiful. So serene and calm. Your pictures made me crave for a holiday. I would love to visit this farm someday.

  • Hailey

    This looks like a wonderful trip! I would love to take a staycation like this with a group of friends and just enjoy a carefree weekend. I would also be eating as many of those samosas as possible. 🙂

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