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Atlasware Premium Product Range – Best Kitchen Trends 2020

Atlasware Premium Product Range

What will we be looking at in 2020? Modern Kitchen with the best of high technology gadgets or comfortable functional kitchens? I presume we need a blend of both that saves us time, is enjoyable to work with, and looks stylish yet presentable in our kitchens. After all, in our extremely busy lives, there is always a requirement for good kitchen gadgets and products that add sophistication and functionality. Our families are sp precious, need to give them the best.

The Atlasware Company

AtlasWare is one such company that has evolved over the years to give the consumers better researched and developed products that aid the modern lifestyle. The company is an I.S.O. certified; its products are widely available on the website – Also available in @amazon @flipkart @shopclues @snapdeal and the @clubfactoryapp.

I recently added three products to my home. So let’s check them out in detail.

1. AtlasWare Tiffin Box

Why did I decide to try Atlas Tiffin boxes?
Stainless steel is more durable than using plastic boxes. Plus, it retains the food flavors and keeps the nutrients intact. So I decided to replace the plastic tiffin boxes from my kitchen to Altasware stainless steel. When I cook with love, why should I compromise on not choosing the best for my family? Because home-cooked food should always be packed with love. The design is amazing not only in looks but the way it been formulated with the best technology. Isn’t it a stunner? Thank you AtlasWare for this sturdy tiffin. Stylish, modern and keeping my home-cooked food fresh, hot and healthy. Perfect to carry on picnics and shoots where we crave hot Ghar ka Khanna.

Salient Features

Atlasware Stainless steel Tiffin Boxes are revolutionary with their unique design and style. These boxes are made with high-grade stainless steel to maintain heat for a long time.

  • Security lock and fail-proof locking system
  • Leak Resistance
  • Available in sizes and many color variants
  • 100% Rust Resistant SS 304 Grade
  • Smart and trendy looking
  • The heat retained up to 10 hours
  • Anti Skid base for stability 
  • Suitable for Both Hot and Cold Food
  • 100% BPA free, Non-Toxic Plastic Cover
Atlasware Premium Product Range

Cook with Pride and serve with greater Pride with Atlasware tiffins by your side.

In the picture, you see the Tiffin I have packed for my Hubby’s Friday Lunch which he will share with his office buddies. Methi Matar Malai,  a delicious Indian dish of green peas in a creamy rich sauce.  I also packed an egg bhurji, rotis, and salads. Eating in the office a few hours later is always an issue. Will the food remain hot and tasty? But then Atlas wear s elegantly designed insulated Tiffin boxes keeps my food hot and fresh. Note the recipes here cookwithsweetannu

Makes a Perfect Christmas Gift
Atlasware Premium Product Range
Image Credit – IndiaMart

2. Atlasware Vaccum Bottles

This is the best gift for your loved ones, friends, colleagues or your family members. A perfect gym buddy, Christmas gift and great school water bottle option. Works like a flask too, keeping water hot up to 18 hours and cold up to 24 hours.

Salient Features

  • The original Atlasware
  • Double Walled Stainless Steel Bottle.
  • 100% Leak-proof and break-proof
  • Preserves flavor & freshness
  • Best for any indoor or outdoor use
  • Innovative shape, design, and color
  • 100% Replacement Guarantee

Atlasware double-walled stainless steel bottles have replaced the regular old plastic bottles in my kitchen. And this 1L water bottle can keep my nephew hydrated all day long in school as it replaced his old school thermal flask.

Atlasware Premium Product Range

3. Tea/ Coffee Maker

Making life so simple, all my quick fix coffee sips are sorted with the new Atlas Coffee Maker. Now there is absolutely no need to boil the water, burn your fingers and scrub clean the pots. This new Atlasware High-quality stainless steel Coffee make is easy to use. Time to enjoy a cup of freshly brewed coffee on that busy day with this lightweight, low maintenance wonder gadget. True coffee lovers like me truly appreciate the sleek design and excellent filtration system that results in a perfect cup of coffee every time.

Salient Features

  • Quick percolation
  • Sleek Design
  • Easy to use
  • Suitable  for regular filter coffee  or tea
  • Retains flavor and aroma of coffee or tea
  • Store & serve type
  • Can be used on gas flame/hot plate/induction stoves

Let’s Brew it like a pro and Now take those blissful sips

My motto in life is “A Healthy family is a Happy Family”. I just got happier while investing in my family’s good health by purchasing Atlasware Premium Product Range.

Do check out their website for the entire Atlasware Premium Product Range at

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