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Angriya Cruise – Goa to Mumbai Cruise Experience

Angriya Cruise- Goa to Mumbai Cruise Experience

This extravagance Angriya Cruise voyage from Mumbai and Goa and back is a major lift to Maharashtra Tourism. Starting from the beautiful city of Mumbai, the super Deluxe Cruise journey will take you on a 12 – 16 hours voyage over the Indian Sea before achieving the shoreline capital of India, Goa. This implies you won’t need to pass by an ordinary flight, rather voyagers can select a Mumbai Goa Luxury Cruise Vacation. This Passenger liner has an ability to have maximum of 400 visitors on board. As you sail by the seashore towards your destination. Who needs to fly when they can have the best a great time by appreciating in the bar and moving their heart out on the move floor of the discotheque? The luxury liner has a locally available spa and pool.So now Goa to Mumbai Cruise is on….

Angriya Cruises

More about Angriya Cruise 

The Angriya Cruise has 7 decks and is 131 meters in length. There are total of 104 rooms installed, isolated into 8 classifications including residences, luxurious rooms, and choice suites. Elite couple rooms with twofold beds and open space are additionally accessible. The ship has a submerged spa, an Infinity pool, exercise center, two cafés, and 6 bars. The ship likewise has a group of 25 marine workforces. For details on fare and bookings you can log on to their official website here.

Goa to Mumbai Cruise Experience

What’s the story behind the name—Angriya Cruises

Angriya the cruise vessel is named after Kanhoji Angre, or Conajee Angria, the first Admiral of the Maratha Navy. The foreign troops called him a pirate but back at home, he was the ‘Shivaji Samudra’, or Shivaji of the Indian Ocean. Interestingly, Mumbai is also home to a naval establishment named after him, called INS Angre.while the cabins bear names of various sea forts, and the sleeping-pods are named after various sea mammals and fish.

angriya cruises

Angriya Cruise Dining Scene

Your ticket entitles you to three meals on board: evening snacks, dinner, and breakfast. Buffet meals are served at the two restaurants. The eating choices on board are in the buffet dining halls. You can opt for A la Carte too. We landed on board and were ushered into the dining room for some High tea containing cookies, french fries, juices, assorted biscuits, other hot farsans and tea or coffee.

angriya cruises

The breakfast had a very large variety with hash potato, juices, doughnut, muffins, batata vadas,cut fruits, pancake, masala omelet, boiled egg, upma, bread, jam, butter, croissant roll, etc. Unlimited tea and coffee too.

Goa to Mumbai Cruise

There are six bars and a lounge to let your hair down, so you can start the party well before hitting the shores of Mumbai. One of the finest Goa to Mumbai Cruise Experience I have had till date.

Goa to Mumbai Cruise Experience

My Angriya Goa to Mumbai Cruise Experience

From the time we checked in at the Marmagoa Port till the disembarkment at Mumbai the experience was smooth. Luckily for us, the Cruise was not completely full hence it was an even more comfortable voyage. A little peace and quiet from over-enthusiastic children running around on decks and corridors. Haha Haa.

Angriya Goa to Mumbai Cruise

Goa to Mumbai Cruise
The Cabin Rooms on Angriya Cruises

This Luxury Liner holds 104 rooms, like suites, premium rooms, residence, and others. You can likewise pick Pods, similar to the ones in Japan. Rooms on Angriya Cruises suits everyone’s pocket. From Dorms for students to luxury cabins for the honeymooners, you have it all. Our room with two portholes was comfortable with all basic amenities. The rooms are smart with minimal and functional décor. Washrooms are clean and well maintained. Goa to Mumbai Cruise Experience was going to be comfortable and memorable.

Entertainment and activities on Board

angriya Goa to Mumbai Cruise

1. Take a Swim – Angriya Cruises Liner has an infinity pool at the back of the ship. It feels as you are swimming in the ocean. With the movements of the ship the water lashes from side to side making it a more of a wave pool.

angriya cruise Goa to Mumbai Cruise

2. Watch the Sunset – Grab a cozy corner on the monkey deck of the front of the ship to watch the hazy hue of the sun on the waves and see the sun go down. This was such a beautiful sight. Cool breeze air, I even captured the Sunset through the porthole of my cabin.

goa to Mumbai Cruise

3. Massage Time- Angiya Cruises also has a Spa that is run by Sohan Spa. Walking up and down, to and fro the ship got my feet so weary. Glad I had taken an appointment for a foot massage. It felt so relaxing and was totally worth it.

angriya cruises

4. Live Music and Karaoke- The entertainment continues with live music for almost 2 hours after sunset. We headed back to our rooms after sunset quickly freshened up and headed back on the sun deck. The Mumbai based band was very good and keep. They played old and new numbers, some really soothing melodies.

angriya cruises

goa to Mumbai Cruise

5. Request for a visit to the Captains Bridge – The memories came rushing back when as I child I visited Dad’s ship. The captain’s bridge is now really modern with high tech equipment and gadgets. The bridge really took my breath away. With its wide glass panels allowing for an unobstructed view of the sea, flanked by a row of radars, electronic charts, GPS systems and much more.

goa to Mumbai Cruise

6. Read A book – The Ship has a well-stocked reading room, cozy and comfortable. It is open for all without any fee.

8. Disco at night- Post nine o clock the Disco on Angriya Cruises plays blasting foot tapping music for party animals. A DJ enthusiastically plats the latest dance hits at the two-level lounge-cum-disco and much merriment around the ‘watering holes’.

9.Star Gazing – Post dinner we just wanted some quiet and no flashing lights. We headed to chill at the Gazbar and at the adjoining the heli-deck upfront with a glass of Baileys Liqueur. Just gazing at the starry sky and twinkling lights from the distant shoreline was a different kind of high by itself. An amazing experience where all the sound you hear is that of the Angriya cutting through the ocean.

9. Visit the Souvenir Shop– Some interesting nik-naks and souvenirs can be picked up. Mugs, T-shirts, bags and much more.

Goa to Mumbai Cruise

10. Get a Photo Shoot- You can even avail of the in house professional photographer and get some stunning pictures with the background of the deep bkue sea.

11. Grab a few Beers- Guzzle like no one is watching because everyone was on the cruise to have a good time. Make sure you purchase an offshore credit card as the entire ship is cashless.

12. Make new friends- The best part of travel is the people you meet from all walks of life. Some wonderful people we met on the Angriya Cruises too will never be forgotten.

Goa to Mumbai Cruise

The Best Goa to Mumbai Cruise Experience

My husband who was actually scared of seasickness and traveling by ship enjoyed the most. Now I can think of taking a long sea voyage with him. Is there anything better than the Sea? If you ask me, my answer will be in the negative.

“It is not that life ashore is distasteful to me. But life at sea is better.”


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