Alibaug Day Trip
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A – Alibaug Day Trip from Mundane Mumbai City

Alibaug  Day Trip

Can you do A Alibaug day Trip?

Do you need a weekend to discover Alibaug? Or can you do a fun filled Alibaug Day trip? Definitely, you can and achieve quite a lot. Take the last boat back at 6.30 pm. If you looking for some peace and calm, even if it’s just for a while, do Alibaug by day. Away from the maddening crowded trains of Mumbai, chaotic traffic and crazy frantic honking is this sleepy town with sprawling beaches and delicious food. Alibaug gives you the “Goa-vibe” and can sum up as a perfect mini getaway.

Travel to Alibaug

You can reach Alibaug by road, take the Navi Mumbai route, head up to Kasar Bhat that takes you to Alibaug. But…. the fun is to go by ferry.

Gateway of India
Took a taxi from Churchgate station to the Gateway of India. This is the most iconic tourist spots of Mumbai, an arch that was built during the 20th Century. Here you can stop and admire this Colossal monument before you embark on the ferry to Alibaug.

Gateway of India

Fun Ferry Ride
The best option is to take the ferry from Gateway of India to Mandhwa Jetty. It is not only time-saving but convenient, very economical but above all magical.
This ferry ride will take you across to Mandhwa in approx one hour for Rs 120 (Non AC) and Rs 185 for the AC ferry ride.

Feeding seagulls

Seagull feeding en route to Alibaug

We took the mid-morning ferry, a warm and sunny day. But the boat ride was interesting. We climbed up the steep ladder to the upper deck and shared space with the locals. It took us just over an hour on the ferry, sometimes the ferry rocked and ebbed giving me a scare.

Alibaug Day Trip

En route, one of the ferry passengers was feeding the gulls by hand. I had a packet of chips, so decided to feed the seagulls too.  Throwing the bits of bread into the air for the group of diving seagulls was an experience of a lifetime.

Alibaug in a day

What Alibaug offers the Urban Mumbaikar

Alibaug is very familiar for its coastal cuisine packed with spice and coconut. Many famous restaurants serve mouth-watering sea-food. Freshly caught and cooked fish is the specialty and can be relished in most restaurants.

Alibaug by day

Beaches/ Fort
Mandwa beach is a clean stretch which offers motorsports. Kihim Beach at Alibaug is beautiful at sundown, you can really get some amazing instagrammable clicks too.  Kolaba Fort is also located about 1 km from the shore and one can go there on feet. It was a pleasing experience to watch the beautiful sunset from the beach.

If you are intending to visit Alibaug on the weekend, at that point I propose you to book your rooms before you reach as rooms get full on the weekends. Water sports like banana boat, sailboats, speedboats, parasailing and so on are accessible. Nagaon beach is perfect and pleasant. Remember to visit Birla sanctuary, Kashid beach, Alibaug beach and, Janjira fort.

Scooter/Bike/ Cycle rides

There was nothing as peaceful than an open road with fields on both sides and a sunset in the far distance. Hire a bike and go for a long ride. Many Groups from Mumbai organize cycle tours. Check website for more details.

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