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Ageing adults need to concentrate on 2 things: Strength and Immunity.

Ageing is an inevitable process that our body and mind go through., With age, we all want to feel energetic and be in the optimum state of good health! We all know that after the age of 50 our bones and muscles start to degenerate.[1] Diet and exercise have a holistic impact on the development and growth of human bodies.  

We all are on a quest to find out how to concentrate on strength and immunity for ageing adults in India. And I may have some clues to share with you today:

 Exercise Regime for the Ageing

  • Engaging in regular exercise to maintain proper muscle and joint function as you age is so important. Walking, stretching, yoga, and lightweight training are few low-impact activities that can help retain your mobility.
  • Not only does regular exercise make you feel energetic, improves fitness levels but also ensures overall well-being and lowers the risk of falling sick as you age.[2]

Diet goes hand in hand with fitness

  • Immunity Boosters – We need to include fruits and vegetables which are rich in beta-carotene, vitamin A & C. These are changes in the diet of the ageing can help them fight infections.[3]
  • Include superfoods in the diet – The inclusion of superfoods like broccoli, mushrooms, flaxseeds, and nuts takes care of the omega-3 and other nutrients that the body needs.
  • Staying Hydrated – Making it a habit to drink water even if you don’t feel thirsty is the key here. This keeps the mucous membranes moist which can further lower the chances of cold and flu.[4]
  • Vitamin E Rich foods – Many researchers have shown that vitamin E is necessary for maintaining the overall health of ageing adults, including their immunity. Vitamin E is an important antioxidant that protects adults from various infections, bacteria, and viruses.[5]

A healthy and balanced nutritious program takes care of overall health and well-being, yet many are still at risk of inadequate nutrition. Nutritional supplements can aid in such a scenario. ENSURE, the complete, balanced nutrition for adults is one such supplement. It contains 32 vital nutrients which help improve muscle and bone health in ageing adults. Along with that it also contains 11 immunity nutrients to help boost immunity. #StrengthToLiveNonStop

With Ensure let’s be sure to gain #StrengthToLiveNonStop

If you really think about it, the strength to live non-stop is a simple equation – exercise and the right nutrition. And with Ensure in your kitty, you’re sure to build both your strength and immunity to get the #StrengthToLiveNonStop.






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