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Smiling comes naturally to SweetAnnu, also making sure that my smiles are contagious to everyone around me. Being a preschool teacher  I try to bring smiles to my classroom of innocent toddlers. Humour being my key tool to deliver lessons while at the job. From the first day a preschool a child enters the classroom crying and bawling, not wanting to let go of her mother’s hand, I try to comfort them and distract them in every way I can.
This song is one of my favourites during sing-song sessions. It does lighten the mood bringing a smile on the kid’s faces.

A smile is quite a funny thing
It wrinkles up your face
And when it’s gone,
you’ll never find
Its secret hiding place
But far more wonderful it is
To see what smiles can do
You smile at one,
she smiles at you
And so one smile makes two

music 2

Happiness and Food

Most of the happiness that we experience comes from the feeling of being loved. Feeling loved comes from showing that you care, and showing that you care is inter linked with food. So indirectly food is interlinked with Happiness. Wow. What a conclusion by SweetAnnu 🙂

Pat on my shoulder….


Kiddie Snacks

In school, insisting on healthy snacks during Tiffen time is a must to inculcate good food habits with kids. However, I notice the smile vanishing on opening the box to fruits, poha or carrot sticks 🙁
Children also have a habit of snacking in between meals but seldom want nutrition. Try giving them soup or Broccoli, they will throw a fit.
Children need fun, colourful  and happy food not forgetting variety with nutrition. Ufff!! That’s asking for too much? Not really, Read on.


McCains to the rescue

McCain focuses on providing a great variety of packaged foods.  A delectable range of products is available, world favourites like McCain French Fries, McCain Smiles and local delights such as McCain Aloo Tikki, Idli Sambar Combo and real cheese appetizers like McCain Cheese & Jalapeno Nuggets and Potato Cheese Shotz.


McCains Smiles

McCain Smiles are the best from the range, especially with kids. I remember incidents where kids squeal with happiness when they see Smiles in their tiffin box and showing everyone with pride. Smiles are delicious mashed potatoes, seasoned and shaped into happy faces. These simple round disc-shaped bundles of joy are great alternatives to the greasy, store-bought variety.


Cooking Methods


DO NOT THAW: For best results cook from frozen.

DEEP FRY: Preheat oil, Deep fry McCain Smiles for about 3 minutes to a light golden color.

BAKE: Preheat the oven  Arrange McCain Smiles in a single layer and bakes for 12-15 minutes to a light golden color.

McCains Smiles


This versatile childhood favorite has plenty of scope for decoration and presentation. It has an appealing nonspicy flavor, is thick enough not to be messy.  McCain’s Smiles is a fabulous source of carbohydrates, with 0% of Trans Fatty Acids it gets my vote of a healthy snack. So why are you waiting?
Enjoy it with Tomato sauce, cheese or Mayonnaise dip. Go ahead, take a bite and keep smiling! 🙂 🙂



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