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7 Guidelines to Keep in Mind When Buying a Good Pushup Bra

7 Guidelines to Keep in Mind When Buying a Good Pushup Bra

A woman’s imperfections are her unapologetically, beautiful assets. But those perfect strokes of touch-ups that she gives herself are only to enhance her gorgeous aesthetic features. Given that looking good has several meanings in her dictionary, it justifiably her right and pride to give a perkier look to her breasts. This is where wearing a pushup bra can be her choice.

Even if she does not have sagging breasts, a pushup bra is a must-have in her lingerie collection. But mastering a perfect fit can only happen when you avoid the common mistakes while buying it. So, here’s presenting your guide to 7 pointers to consider when shopping for a perfect brassiere in this category.

1. Understanding the Concept of Pushups

These bras are uncrowned brassieres, and shopping for them is indeed a bold move. From enhancing a woman’s twins to creating a perfect cleavage, it does it all. It makes the use of support enhancers foam pads embedded with bra caps. Wearing it gives a prominent shape to your cleavage.

2. Which Design Should You Choose?

Not all designs can suit your shape. That’s why you need to think of it slowly and steadily. When you choose a style, there are many to select from:

  •  Strapless
  •  Plunge
  •  T-shirt
  •  Wireless
  •   Bridal
Pushup Bra

3. Avoiding Under-Sized or Oversized Cups

The last thing you want to end up with is getting confused between a 32-C or 32-D size. So, understanding the right size will ensure to avoid wrong sized bras. This calls for measurements! You can use a bra calculator for that purpose.

4. An In-Depth Knowledge about Right Padding

Do you seriously think that heavy padding can only guarantee your comfort? Given that there are 3 types of levels, here’s presenting them:

·        Level 1- Semi-full or full bust (natural lift)

·        Level 2- Smaller bust or having gaps in between the two breasts (better lift)

·        Level 3- Small bust (rounder look)

Level 1 suits best for D-cupped women, while Level 2 and 3 are for B-C cupped and A-B cupped ladies, respectively.

5. Pay Attention to Bra Chafing

Ever experienced a situation where the bra fabric is constantly poking against your skin? If yes, you already know how pesky the situation becomes. And since a pushup bra has pads, it’s prone to chafing. Ensure that the fabric is of premium quality so that negligible or no chafing occurs.

6. Consider Avoiding Ones with Poky Underwires

At times, a pushup bra might have loose wires beneath its cups. As a result, it sticks out, pokes the skin, and causes utter discomfort. Before purchasing, ensure that neither the material nor the wires are poky.

Pushup Bra

7. Band Sizing Does Matter

Thinking that only the bust size matters is an absolute misconception. The size of the area under your breast is as important as your breast size.

So, this is it! Now that you’ve read the mandate purchasing guidelines to buy your first pushup bra, get one that listens to your body! Make this bold choice beautiful by considering these pointers mentioned above, will you not?

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