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5 Ways you can wear a Saree for your Big Day! 

Wedding Sarees

5 Ways you can wear a saree for your Big Day! 

The only thing that a bride wants the most is to look the best on her wedding day. Being the bride-to-be you’d surely want all eyes to be on you. From the best bridal outfit to exquisite jewellery and the perfect makeup, you don’t want to leave any stone unturned to match your bridal glow. 

If you’re still flipping through magazine pages to find out that perfect wedding dress, you should stop right now. Instead of donning a wedding lehenga like every other bride, you can opt for a more traditional approach. Wedding saree should be your pick on your wedding day, which will assure you will make heads turn on your big day. 

Wedding Sarees

Wedding sarees are gaining traction as the one best choice among brides-to-be. Styling wedding sarees is much hassle free than walking around your wedding day in a heavy-weight lehenga. There are a variety of wedding sarees suitable for a bride, all you need is just a knack to choose the one which suits your style. Now that you’ve decided to wear a wedding saree on your big day, we show you several draping styles that will make you look apart. 

Wedding Sarees
  1. The classic drape: This is a very easy draping style. In this style you have to wear your wedding saree just like your regular saree with the pallu behind your shoulder. If you want to add chic to this look, you can wear a kamarbandh around your waist like South Indian brides. This look will accentuate your hourglass figure and will make you look like a beautiful mermaid. 
  1. Can-can skirt saree: If you want a combination of a saree, a lehenga and a gown in your bridal look, the can-can skirt saree is the best. The pleats in this draping style will generally fall at the back and you will get a ball gown look from the front. You can accessorise your look with a kamarbandh that will also accentuate your beautiful figure. 
  1. The double pallu style: If you have a dual-tone saree, this draping style will make your look classy. This saree draping style will not only look regal on your wedding day but is a perfect style for your reception or cocktail party too. 
  1. Banjaran style: If you want to go bold on your wedding day by breaking the stereotype of a quintessential bride, you can opt for this look. You can wear your Chanderi Saree in a dhoti style and have a shawl for a pallu. In the shawl style, you can drape your saree in a regular way but the pallu instead of resting on the left shoulder, rests on the right and is not pleated. You can opt for a heavily embroidered blouse to flaunt this bold look.
  1. The Gujju style: Stick to the Gujju style if you want to be a classic bride, oozing sheer elegance. Since the pallu will be resting on the front here, you can opt for a wedding saree with a heavily embroidered pallu. 

These are the best ways to style your wedding saree and be the highlight of your big day.

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