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5 things I did post contracting COVID-19 that has helped me recover faster.

5 things I did post contracting COVID-19 that has helped me recover faster.

“Not yet taken your COVID-19 vaccine?” My friend yelled on the phone. In fact, at that moment she was scheduling her second vaccine shot. Well, what was I to say? It’s a long story. So, instead of answering innumerable questions, I decided to pen my thoughts and experiences in order to enlighten others. 

5 things I did post contracting COVID-19 that has helped me recover faster.

2021 is proving to be more stressful than 2020. April was the worst when my husband and I were detected COVID-19 positive. Whilst I battled mild breathlessness, chest congestion and aching bones, my husband was admitted to the hospital. There he underwent treatment to return home in a week’s time and was on his road to recovery.

Both of us needed to overcome our physical and emotional health issues post COVID-19. There had to be a plan which was good for us to follow. 

“You are strong!” Mom reassured me on the phone. “And you always have a nutritious diet regime, don’t let it dishearten you dear.”

My fight with COVID-19 is not yet over. In order to regain strength inside out and return to optimum health, it is important to restore muscle strength and provide my body with the nutrients to keep the immune system strong. So here are the things I did post contracting COVID-19 that has helped me recover faster India.

1. Have a nutritious diet routine

Good nutrition helps your weakened body build up its energy levels as fast as possible. Along with the right number of calories, protein-rich foods are the cornerstone to rebuilding muscle mass. Food rich in minerals, vitamins, dietary fibers and antioxidants will further help you regulate your body functions. It will keep you in a good mood and will also take care of your emotional wellbeing. 

My #EnsureStrongerInsideOut routine

My trusted partner, post my COVID-19 recovery, is Ensure. It’s a daily routine for me. In fact, it has always been my family drink for the past few years. You can check my previous post here. Ensure is providing me with energy, protein and nutrition to support an active lifestyle post COVID-19. It’s complete and balanced nutrition to help me regain strength inside out which in turn is helping me with faster recovery.

2. Light consistent exercises 

While working towards recovering well from COVID-19, my doctor suggested that I should focus on light exercises – gradual walks for six minutes twice a day to monitor my oxygen levels. Trying not to over exert I now do yoga, stretching and breathing exercises, light weights and slow-paced walks. This is giving my body time to recover, strengthening my muscles and uplifting my emotional quotient as well.

3. Gently challenging myself

To help me keep my mind off the daunting task of my recovery, I take time out in the day to play puzzles, memory games and activities that help to distract me. Concentrating on activities that make me think yet continue to challenge myself has been key to keep my spirits up.

4. Adequate sound sleep

I kept counting sheep every night during the peak of my infection. It is certain that your sleep pattern will be erratic and disturbed. Hence, post COVID-19 we need to catch up on lost sleep.  Switch off gadgets an hour before sleeping to induce peaceful sleep and maintain a proper 8 hours cycle with fewer disturbances to ensure good sound sleep.

5. Check on medications and oxygen levels

Keeps a continuous check on your blood oxygen saturation levels using an oximeter. COVID-19 affects the lungs[1] and this helps regular monitoring of any fluctuation. Prescribed medications to be consumed timely will help recover faster.  

Your physical and emotional well-being is of utmost priority. A balanced combination of rehabilitation with good nutrition supplements like Ensure is a sure way to improve your post-COVID-19 quality of life. Hope you liked reading about the 5 things I did post contracting COVID-19 that has helped me recover faster.


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