10 Most Amazing Recipes From North-East India
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10 Most Amazing Recipes From North-East India

Are you one of the guys who love experiencing different food varieties from different cultures? If yes then we can confidently say you are going to fall in love with these 10 most amazing recipes from North-East India.

But why they are so amazing?

As we know, the core reason is the assimilation of multicultural elements. Yes, it is true that the north-eastern part of India is assimilated with too many cultures and this is the reason, why we can see here so many divisions in dressings, languages, festivals, and food.

In this article, we are going to explore the 10 most amazing recipes from North-East India and also deeply try to know, why they are so amazing.

So, let’s try to list out all the types of food items gradually.

1. Bamboo shoot and Duck meat (Haahe-Baahe)

Bamboo shoot and duck meat is a very popular recipe among the people of north-east India. Especially this dish is eaten in very high quantities in the state of Assam.

The locals of Assam call it ‘haahe-baahe’ in their own language. Actually it is a pair word, where ‘Haahe’ means ‘duck’ and ‘Baahe’ means ‘bamboo shoot’.

This is a bit strange to hear, but in Assam, even a popular poem has been running among people on this pair word. Even, kids read it during their school days as per the syllabus.

Strange right?

People especially eat this food in plenty with Bora Bhaat in their ‘No-Khuwa’ festival. There is some doubt about whether it is good or bad for the health, but even after going over all of this, the people of Assam love it a lot.

2. Bushmeat or Dogmeat

Yes, it may seem strange to an Indian citizen to hear this, but there is one such place in this India that people eat dog meat. This place is basically none other than but the state of Nagaland.  Most of the people living in Nagaland eat dog meat with great taste. Every week on Wednesday, there is a market sits in Dimapur city of the state.

Dog meat is sold there. This market is no less than a gift for those people who have a love for this food. Naga people prepare different types of dishes from dog meat but the most popular one is ‘grilled dog’.

I know that it sounds crazy and against humanity; after all, we treat them as our pets (sometimes as a family member). But you believe it or not; it’s really true at the same time.

Photo Credit- Rumi’s Kitchen

3. Hukoti Mass or Mashed Fermented Fish

‘Hukoti mass’ is a type of dried seasoning fish; after drying fishes, a type of mixture is made by pitching it and then it is fermented in a bamboo tube for a few days. After going through this process ‘Hukoti mass’ becomes ready to be eaten.

This food is especially associated with the ‘Mishing Tribe’ people living in North-East India. Due to being near the river areas, these people make this dish in greater quantities. Although, nowadays other tribal people also have started eating it.

Photo Credit- MastRecipes.com

4. Koat Pitha – A dish of Mizo cuisine

Koat Pitha is a very unique Mizo dish eaten by the people of Mizoram. This is a kind of ‘fried dish’, which is made from a mixture of rice flour, banana, and fish. 

Due to the mixture of bananas, it becomes slightly sweet. People of Mizoram state make and eat this food in large quantities during their special occasions and festivals; such as Mim Kut, Pawl Kut, and Christmas, etc. It is deep-fried in oil and becomes very crispy from the outside and very softy from the inside.

5. Bora chawalor chera dia bhat

‘Bora Chawalor Chera Dia Bhat’ is a type of rice but it’s quite gummy in character. Simply it is different from other normal rice verities, produced in this region.

Made with a high steam of water, it is very good to eat with duck (bamboo shoot dish) and pork meat (made with Indian mustard leaves). This dish especially associated with the people of the Ahom community of North-East India. They usually have it during their cultural ‘No-Khuwa’ festival occasion.

For the first time, it may seem a bit strange to eat, but once it gets addicted to someone then it becomes very difficult to leave it. This is my personal experience.

Photo Credit – TripAdvisor

6. Bamboo tube pork or Sungat dia Gahorir manxho

We are all familiar with pork, but have you ever taste a dish where pork is cooked in a bamboo tube?  If you are not from north-east India, then it is possible that you have never tasted it before.

Actually, it is a traditional dish, in which pork is cooked in a bamboo tube by mixing mustard oil, salt, garlic, ginger, pepper and coriander leaves. When the unique smell of bamboo is mixed with pork meat, it becomes a further tasty dish for pork lovers.

During festivals seasons like Magh Bihu, Parag, and Hega, people make this recipe to eat and even for selling. If you still haven’t tasted it then I recommend you to try it once. It can be easily prepared at home.

7. Pudoh

‘Pudoh’ is a type of traditional soup, which is prepared by the people of Meghalaya state. They usually make it on special occasions organized in their society; such as marriages, carnivals, etc.

This dish is made by mixing rice flour and some very small pieces of pork meat. They typically avoid oil and spices in their cooking procedures. That is why these people also consider it very beneficial for human health.

most amazing recipes from north-east India

8. Silkworms or Muga Leta

It will not prove much wrong if we say that almost all the tribal people living in northeast India are crazy after Silkworms or Muga Leta. Those who have not tasted this food till the date; they might not even know its taste as well.

Almost all the Mongolian origin tribal communities love this food very much. They are such as Ahom, Mishing, Garo, Rabha, Hajong, etc.

Silkworm is a type of insects especially. And here, people cultivate this insect. However, apart from eating, it also has some other importance. Usually, people make this worm dish by frying in deep mustard oil with onions and later have it with Apong (rice beer).

Photo Credit – gpicing.com

9. Apong or fermented rice beer

Now maybe you are also wondering what this Apong is. Well, let me explain to you that Apong is a variety of rice beer, which is made with fermenting cooked rice and some kinds of grinds of Laddu (called ‘Hazzor Gutti’).

All the tribes living in north-eastern India consume Apong. However, people of different tribes call it with different names. It has a lot of names. Among all of these, Apong, Haaz, Zou, and Chai Mod are the four most popular names.

People especially drink this beer on some of their special occasions and festivals. The majority of times, we see them using it at Bihu festival days, Ali Aye Ligang, Hornbill festival, ancestor worship occasions, etc.

Photo Credit – Rumi’s Kitchen

10. Aamroli Tup or Red Ant’s Larva

Another strange food people eat here is Aamroli tup or red ant’s larva. These people not only eat larva but also eat red ants too.

They even consider this food as good medicine. According to them, this helps in relieving body pain, headache, cold-cough, etc diseases.

Every year, people eat this food in Rongali Bihu festival days, which is followed in the state of Assam. Even it is considered a part of the cultural food of Assam. Along with the northeastern part, it is also a popular food in other Indian states like Haryana, Kerala, and Tamil Nadu.


The culture of northeast India is a very rich one, which we get to see in the food habits here. We hope you liked this article on the 10 most amazing recipes from north-east India. And also hope that you will taste these dishes very soon.

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